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Guest Blog by Elizabeth Leaphart.

Looking for the answers outside us is a hard habit to kick, and even now I find I need reminding from time to time. Years ago I was in the middle of a complete life renovation; I left an unhealthy marriage and started over completely. I left no stone unturned looking for how to navigate the storm, only to find in books I read, websites I scoured, and with gifted practitioners I worked with that the answers were already inside me. And they were right. The process would have been one hundred times easier (and less expensive!) if I had looked within first instead of waiting for the answer to arrive in another package on my doorstep.

What is Hypnosis?

I am thrilled to see hypnotherapy becoming more and more mainstream. From fiction to stage hypnosis, the impression is individuals don’t remember, can’t move, and do and say anything while in hypnosis. As a society we often see it as magical and maybe even a little scary. Except for the magic of how wonderful it feels, these beliefs are thankfully not true.

Our brain is organized in different ‘departments’. Our conscious mind houses our short-term memory, reasoning, will power, judgment, self-discipline, and analysis. Our subconscious mind stores our long-term memory, emotions, imagination, and creativity and is the majority of our functioning. These departments work together to take care of our health and wellbeing.

So what happens when we want to make changes in our lives? When we turn to our analytical mind to manifest goals for our body and life, we are met repeatedly with frustration because it is our subconscious mind that speaks the language of our body. Our body rapidly responds to feelings and imagery. This is why our mouth waters when we picture our favorite food, why we cringe when we imagine a bug crawling on our arm, and why our stomach flutters when we see the person we love.

Hypnosis is a peaceful, creative, and productive state of inner absorption. It is a natural human ability, and a powerful tool for change (Gilligan, 1997). In fact, you are already an expert! We are in and out of this state as much as fifty times an hour. Hypnosis is complete focus in our subconscious mind: our feelings, imagination, and memories. You’ll often find yourself in this state when driving, exercising, praying, watching TV or a movie, listening to music and guided imagery, meditating, having a conversation with a friend, and too many more to count. A hallmark of the hypnotic state is time distortion. When driving and imagining how our day will unfold, we often arrive at our destination without remembering how we got there. Hypnosis is this state of being, and hypnotherapy is utilizing this state for positive change and therapeutic healing.

How Hypnotherapy Supports Fertility

With our busy schedules today, we often give away all we have to family, work, and community. Our only time to replenish becomes collapsing in bed after a long day. This lifestyle causes our bodies to be in “fight or flight” mode, when our sympathetic nervous system is dominant to give us stamina in stressful situations. Our body gives our heart and muscles the majority of our energy. While this serves an important purpose, what happens when we experience it for prolonged periods of time? Our body becomes out of balance, and the parts of us not critical for survival, such the reproductive system, receive less energy. Reproduction is placed on the back burner until our senses indicate our environment is ‘safe’ again pregnancy. You can imagine how this works against us!

As soon as we are in this state, we engage our parasympathetic nervous system, stopping the ‘fight or flight’ mode and bringing full attention back to reproduction. This alone begins to place us in a healthy fertile state, as hypnotherapists Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer and Lynsi Eastburn describe in their powerful fertility methods.

Hypnotherapy supports you in reaching your healthiest, best self by healing and balancing all the beautiful and important parts of you. You also begin to have greater awareness of your intuition and the ‘answers’ to difficult questions you once searched for. You will be amazed to find all you are capable of when your mind and body are working as one.

Alice Domar, PhD completed two studies to demonstrate the positive effects of hypnotherapy for fertility. Her first study published in 1999 by the Journal of the American Medical Women’s Association found 42% of 132 women with infertility conceived within six months when participating in a mind-body program. Her second study in 2000, published by Fertility and Sterility, found 55% of women who met regularly for mind-body therapy conceived, while 20% of the control group not participating conceived. Not only is hypnotherapy successful, but it also has a wonderful side effect of overall wellness.

Use Your Imagination

Write yourself a prescription to play and have fun in the privacy of your own imagination, the doorway to manifesting what you desire in your life. You can do this anytime, anywhere. It’s free, natural, simple, healthy, and gentle. For example, as you fall asleep at night, take several deep breaths in and out. Close your eyes, and as you drift, create a place in your mind that you can go that is just yours. In this place, you can vividly imagine all you dream of as if it has already occurred. Allow it to be real with what you see, feel, hear, smell, and taste. Perhaps you imagine your fertilized egg snuggling safely in your womb. You may like to hold your baby and notice how your baby feels in your arms. Allow all that feels just right for you to be real in this special place.

This is the secret. This is the key. The answers you seek and path to your goal are already inside you. Watch what unfolds as you empower yourself from within!

Find Support

Visit these sites to learn more and find hypnotherapists in your area, as well as wonderful resources you can use at home, just like Circle+Bloom!

Be sure to visit Circle+Bloom’s mind-body programs at http://www.circlebloom.com/get-started

The National Guild of Hypnotists Registry https://ngh.net/referrals/request-form

Hypnotherapists certified in Hypnofertility® http://www.hypnofertility.com/HF_Therapists.html

Hypnotherapists certified in The Fertile Body Method® http://www.thefertilebody.com/FBMTherapists/Index

CB_elizabethWith fourteen years of experience in counseling, social service, educational guidance, biological research, and hypnotism, Elizabeth combines professional expertise with her personal experience of successfully reclaiming her power, reshaping her life, and embracing her purpose and helps women do the same. Elizabeth holds a Master of Education in Community Counseling from Clemson University and is a Nationally Certified Counselor. She trained with two internationally acclaimed schools of hypnotherapy, the Alternative Practitioner Academy of Illinois and the Eastburn Institute of Colorado. Her passion and purpose is supporting women, and she specializes in Hypnotherapist Lynsi Eastburn’s powerful Hypnofertility® and Hypnobirth® practices. When not working for the University of South Carolina School of Medicine and in her private practice, Bloom Hypnosis Center, you’ll find Elizabeth running, writing, traveling, and enjoying her beloved family. You may reach Elizabeth by visiting www.bloomsc.com.


Sometimes the best way to take the stress out of conception is to connect with others. We’re broadening our circle and talking with some of the leading personalities in the fertility field to gather tips, support, and insights on how to stay calm and conceive.

Helen Adrienne: The Three Most Important Strategies for Dealing with the Emotional Pain of Infertility

CB_helenHelen Adrienne, LCSW, BCD, is the best-selling author of On Fertile Ground: Healing Infertility. She has been a psychotherapist in general private practice since 1979 with a specialty in working with people dealing with infertility.

Helen uses her training in mind/body therapy and clinical hypnotherapy to provide powerful stress reduction strategies to individuals, couples and classes that she runs for NYU Fertility Center.

We asked her: If you could only give three tips or strategies for dealing with the emotional pain of infertility, what would they be?

Without question, the number one strategy for dealing with the emotional pain of infertility has a statistically significant correlation with rates of pregnancy!* Do I have your attention? It is the approach to coping that takes us under the turbulence created by stress. When we are stressed, our bodies walk the planet, but our minds fly off into outer space. Making a u-turn and coming back to our inner space matters!!

  1. The first way to get under the turbulence is to really, really recognize that our breath as a tranquilizer is not just a cliché. Right now, prove to yourself that you can sink down into your body with one—just one—long slow deep inhalation and luxurious exhalation. See what I mean? You can claim this respite any time you become aware of needing it.
  2. If one breath can take us under the turbulence, how can we prolong the positive impact on the body and mind of the breath as a tranquilizer, and by so doing break the spasm of stress? An easy way is with a guided visualization. There are many CDs on the market. Some are directly oriented around breathing and others distract us, allowing the breath to ungrip by taking us on a journey.
  3. Third, if you’re up for taking responsibility for holding your attention on the breath while preventing your mind from driving you bonkers, you can develop the skill of coordinating your breath with saying a pleasant word in your mind every time you exhale, or saying half of a phrase on the inhalation and the other half on the exhalation—over and over. This is called the Relaxation Response™ and it is an effective, field-tested method of diving under the turbulence. It is a skill well worth the practice it takes to master.

Making that u-turn is effective because you allow self-care to trump the frenzy of stress. Resistance to finding the discipline to practicing these strategies is normal. But when there’s so much at stake, this investment could make a big difference.

Beyond work in her practice, Helen presents at national and international conferences and runs two-day training workshops for mental health professionals seeking expertise in infertility. You can learn more about Helen and obtain a wealth of free information on her site at www.mind-body-unity.com.

*Nathalie Rappoport-Hubschman, et al, “Letting Go Coping is Associated with Successful IVF Treatment Outcome,” Fertility and Sterility 92, 4 (2009): 1384 – 1388.


You may have guessed that practicing yoga is one of our favorite ways to relax here at Circle + Bloom.

Beyond the physical benefits that yoga provides (like improved flexibility, strength, and balance) there’s an incredible sense of mental and spiritual well-being that comes along with yoga practice.

Yoga’s amazing effects are beneficial for everyone, but they are especially helpful for women who are trying to conceive.

The yoga gurus at Gaiam do a wonderful job of explaining why:

Yoga tones and nourishes your reproductive organs by systematically squeezing and then releasing them, which encourages them to function optimally. And it gives you a way to stay connected to your body at a time when it can feel like you’re not on the same page…But the most important thing yoga can do for you when you’re trying to have a baby is help you calm the stress response.

There are many different types of yoga practice, but for women who are trying to get pregnant, gentle restorative yoga is generally the best bet.

A wonderful aspect of this relaxing, straightforward type of yoga is that ANYONE can do it!

With just 5 to 10 minutes a day, you can tap into yoga’s transformative powers – and we’ve chosen 6 of our favorite fertility-friendly poses to get you started.

So, roll out your mat and get your “OM” on!

Goddess Pose (also called Reclining Bound Angle Pose)


This relaxing pose opens the hips and pelvis and promotes deep relaxation. If you experience any back pain during this pose, you can use a bolster or rolled blanket under the spine for extra support.

Seated Spinal Twist Pose


Do you carry tension in your back and neck? This pose is for YOU! This simple twist helps with spinal mobility and allows for the release of tension in the back and shoulders by opening the chest.

Cobra Pose


Cobra is wonderful for alleviating lower back pain, and it opens up the ribcage for deep breathing. This pose is also great for posture, strengthening the abdominal and buttock muscles, and stimulating blood flow to the reproductive organs.

Butterfly Pose


This pose gives a deep stretch to the thighs, knees, and groin and it improves hip flexibility. Butterfly pose is also recommended for women after they become pregnant, as consistent practice strengthens the muscles a woman uses during childbirth.

Bridge Pose


Bridge pose is a one hit wonder! From tension, to back pain, to fatigue – it covers all the bases. It’s wonderfully restorative and energizing, and helps promote healthy circulation.

Savasana (or Corpse Pose)


The ultimate in stress relief, Savasana encourages total relaxation and tranquil sleep. If you need extra support in your lower back, place a rolled blanket or bolster under the knees.

If you are using our programs, think of your yoga practice as a continuation of the work you’re doing to strengthen your mind + body connection.

Put your meditative powers to good use during your practice and try to hold the feelings of calm and rejuvenation with you throughout the day.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of yoga for fertility, check out this awesome guest blog post that delves deeper into the power of practice.


How is your start to the New Year going? I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling more than a little relieved that the holidays are behind us. We can all take a nice deep, cleansing breath and get back to normalcy!

As you embrace the calm of settling into a routine again, it’s a great time to ask yourself this question:

How Do I Want To Live My Fertility Journey in 2015?

It’s a powerful, perhaps difficult question to answer. It can be hard to know where to even begin. Here’s the good news. You don’t have to try and answer it alone!

At Circle + Bloom we are pleased and excited to present you with a fantastic opportunity to explore this question with the guidance of Rosanne Austin, Fertility Journey Coach. Wife, attorney, infertility survivor, and expert coach, Rosanne brings a bold and unique approach to serving women longing to conceive.

You may know Rosanne from Circle + Bloom’s secret Infertility Support Circle on Facebook. Rosanne acts as a moderator for the group and she has been instrumental in making the community a warm, accepting, informative, and just plain wonderful space.

The women she has worked with absolutely love her – and we do too! Here’s your chance to be a part of her powerful, wholehearted work.

During her Love Your Life + Love Your Journey™ Online Retreat, Rosanne will share the 5 cornerstones of a life + journey well lived.


As part of this 5 week online retreat you will share in exclusive access to a private membership site, powerful exercises, weekly group coaching calls, and receive generous love and support from other courageous women that will empower you to:

  • Stop being a hostage to fear and “what ifs,”
  • Say goodbye to fertility shame,
  • Walk your unique journey in the embrace of authenticity,
  • Strengthen your relationship with your partner,
  • Leave sadness or jealousy toward someone else’s baby joy in the dust,
  • Care for yourself in glorious new ways,
  • Rejuvenate your creativity,
  • and lay a firm foundation for a life + journey you love NOW.

Those sharing in the retreat will also receive fabulous bonuses including:

  • An exclusive discount on Circle + Bloom programs, and
  • Access to special, additional resources that will help you bring clarity + focus to your fertility journey!

As a treasured Circle + Bloom fan, you will receive special pricing on your enrollment in this one of a kind retreat!

Participation is extremely limited, so learn more and reserve your spot TODAY, by clicking here.

With love and gratitude,


2014 was a fantastic year for Circle + Bloom. We put in lots of hard work to make our programs even better, heard amazing testimonials from women around the world, taken new initiatives to develop a more robust and supportive community, and shared information to inform and inspire you!

This past week I’ve had a chance to look back and thoughtfully reflect on our accomplishments over the past year – One of the most fun parts of that process has been going through our 2014 blog posts.

We’ve covered so many wonderful topics and I encourage you to take a trip back into the archives with me!


Here are some of my favorite posts from the last year. Pull up a blanket and a cup of tea!

I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I did! What were your favorite Circle + Bloom blogs this year?

Warm wishes,


The start of the New Year is full promise and opportunity. It’s a chance to start fresh and also to look back on the past year and reflect – to see what we’ve accomplished and what needs more work.

Last year my big resolution was to DECLUTTER! Using my own advice :) I worked diligently all year to minimize the clutter in my mind and reserve my energy for the things that count – things that bring me joy, strengthen my relationships, and give me with a deeper sense of self.

I’m proud of myself for the efforts I made to promote order and calm in my life, but looking ahead to 2015 there are still a few areas where I know I can improve.

So here are my 5 resolutions for a fantastic 2015 – I’m keeping it short and simple this year and I suggest you do the same with your own resolutions!

  1. Unplug and reconnect – Why is this so hard?! I’m not a big TV person, but I am definitely guilty of checking my email (and phone…) around bedtime. This year, my goal is to shut down all email by 7pm. The detrimental effects of screen time on sleep are proven, and experts suggest powering down all screens at least 30 minutes before bed. I find that I need more than 30 minutes to wind down at night, so I’m making a conscious effort to spend my evenings connecting with friends and family face-to-face, or doing something relaxing that I enjoy.
  2. Nourish a passion – Remember those things that you loved to do as a child that you simply “don’t have time for” now? Make time for them! Whether it’s taking a photography workshop, learning to rock climb, or starting your own blog, carve out a chunk of time each week to do an something that brings you childlike delight! These “play” activities help us to deepen our connections to others and to ourselves, cultivate healing, and reduce anxiety.* I’m nourishing my passion for writing this year by writing a book! Stay tuned for more details!
  3. Move more during the day – I recently took up CrossFit and man is it a tough (but amazing!) workout. Even though I try to devote time each day for purposeful exercise, there are a lot of great tricks to keep moving throughout the day – like taking a 15 minute walk in the afternoon, building a makeshift standing desk, or doing some relaxing stretches before bed. Here are some other great get-moving suggestions from Reader’s Digest.
  4. Get outside – This goes hand in hand with my third resolution! I’ve always been a lover of the outdoors – spending time outside evokes these amazing feelings of restoration and tranquility that reach deep down into my bones. Fresh air, sunshine (Vitamin D!) and wind on my face bring an extraordinary feeling of calm connectedness with the universe and I hope to capture many more of these special moments in 2015.
  5. Spend mindfully – If money stresses you out, you are not alone! According to the American Psychological Association, finances are a major source of anxiety for around 80% of men and women in the US. I’m certainly one of these statistics. This year my family and I are all making the resolution to spend mindfully – to fully embrace a “less is more” mindset, focus on quality not quantity, and to donate gently used items when we purchase replacements. Here’s a great article via CNN on mindful spending if you’d like to learn more.

I hope that these resolutions inspire you to make some positive changes in your own life for 2015. Remember to make any goals for the New Year realistic and attainable and check in with yourself every month to see how you’re doing – you’ll feel amazing when you find yourself making progress! Please feel free to share below your 2015 resolutions!

All my best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year –

With love and gratitude,

*PsychCentral, Margarita Tartakovsky M.S.


Camille Preston is an expert psychologist, speaker, and consultant for businesses and individuals on ways to live a happier, more productive life.

Her belief in embracing your full potential through self-awareness and tapping into innate emotional intelligence was put to the test when infertility took her on a physical and mental rollercoaster.

Camille delivered a heartfelt, witty, and perceptive TED Talk on her infertility journey this past summer.

She touches on the challenges inherent in trying to conceive and offers some incredibly poignant insights for confronting those challenges.

At the most basic level, Camille simply does a great job of explaining the infertility journey and specifically IVF.

During various points in her talk, she describes how incredibly lonely the infertility journey can be and how difficult it is to convey the confusing thoughts and complex feelings that are a part of process to others.

No matter how well intentioned, in many cases friends and family simply don’t get it. If this is the case for you and you’re simply too drained to try and explain yourself, ask your loved-ones to watch Camille’s talk.

She provides all of the information – technical and personal – in a warm and approachable way. Let her explain so you don’t have to.

Beyond Camille’s clarification of IVF treatment and other aspects of infertility, she delves deep into the emotional chaos that ensues when a person is pushed “beyond terror’s edge.”

“Terror’s edge,” as Camille describes, is the place far beyond the reaches of your comfort zone, where you succumb to your greatest fears. Camille recounts her own experience within this space – of relinquishing control and willingly entering an emotional free-fall.

Screen Shot 2014-12-18 at 1.32.32 PM

As scary as it sounds, Camille points out that amazing things can happen when you fully give into your fears and confront what you feel without judgment or boundaries.

She reminds us that surrendering control and letting yourself go over terror’s edge is “not about giving up on what you want. It’s about going after that dream in a new way, with a new type of agility and persistence – being open to possibilities and new ways of how you could achieve (your goal).”

By approaching our fears in this extraordinarily vulnerable way, we open ourselves up to a world of new possibilities – a depth of yearning, sorrow, flexibility, sadness, and joy that we may never have known existed.

Camille stepped into the unknown and truly allowed herself to feel – everything. She developed a fuller sense of self and after a trying pregnancy, delivered a healthy happy baby boy.

Camille’s dream of being mom came true. Although this dream may not come true for everyone, remember that the infertility journey has brought us all to “terror’s edge.” We are not alone in our fears, and we are not alone in our joys.

I encourage you to watch the full talk and hope that you find strength in Camille’s bravery and commitment to her dream.


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Guest Blog by Rosanne Austin, founder of Maybe to Baby. Join Rosanne Austin for a special free webinar on July 2 called Paying For Fertility Treatment: Sucker Punch Proof Your Plan. Learn 3 Key Steps for creating a fertility treatment financial plan that can help eliminate freak-outs, sucker punches, and silly spending. Read on for […]

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Finding Time to Meditate: Keeping Yourself Healthy

by mroth May 6, 2014

Guest Blog by Ken Myers. Although nutrition is a vital component to keeping yourself healthy, relaxing your body through meditation could be almost as important. The mind can do a great deal for your physical form, and practicing methods of meditation can make an impact in ways you never thought before. What’s more, you don’t […]

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A Thank You Special Coupon for Your Awesome Participation

by mroth May 1, 2014

Please join me in congratulating Celeste G., the winner of our 30 Days of Fertility campaign! She’ll receive our entire product line of downloads for participating and helping to support all women on the fertility journey. I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to every single one of you who participated. It was an amazing […]

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How and Why to Build a Support Network during Infertility Treatment

by mroth May 1, 2014

Guest Blog by Stephanie Fry, author of The IVF Journal book. Back in 2009, I was lucky enough to help the folks at Circle + Bloom as they developed their IVF/IUI Mind-Body Program by giving them a patients perspective on an IVF cycle. Since then their product has helped thousands of women and I hope […]

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You Will NEVER Outrun the Darkness

by mroth April 23, 2014

Guest Blog by Suzanne Hanna, a Licensed Psychotherapist, Holistic Health Practitioner, Spiritual Coach, Writer, and Inspirational Speaker. It can happen in a moment, usually after a life-changing realization or event. Everything goes dark. The air in your body gets sucked from your lungs. A lead ball crashes into your core, leaving you weak. Your throat […]

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Rebecca Fett’s “It Starts With The Egg”

by mroth April 21, 2014

I’ve found another book to add to my list of recommended reading related to fertility! Rebecca Fett’s It Starts With The Egg is an important read, and one I am happy to see getting such positive feedback. Circle+Bloom is grounded in science. The development of our mind-body programs was done in collaboration with the professional […]

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Dealing With Pregnancy Hormones

by mroth April 13, 2014

Guest Blog by Cheretta A Clerkley, a strategic marketing health care professional for Hormone Health Network. She has worked for over 10 years in direct patient education focusing on hormone health. Being pregnant affects a lot more than your body. The outward signs of expecting a baby become more apparent over time, but the emotional […]

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Circle+Bloom Around the World!

by mroth April 7, 2014

Hello! My name is Meagan. Some of you may already know me if you are a Circle+Bloom partner since I help work with our wonderful affiliates and partners. If not–hi! It’s nice to ‘meet’ you I also do some of the blog writing here. I’m going to take advantage of that and use this post […]

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30 Days of Fertility – Share the Journey with Us

by mroth April 1, 2014

This April, in honor of National Infertility Awareness Week, we’re launching a “30 Days of Fertility” campaign to support all women embarking on the fertility journey and we hope you’ll join us! We’ve always believed in the power of mind + body awareness as it pertains to fertility. Our programs help explore the connection between […]

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Pump Some Iron Into Your Diet to Help Promote Fertility

by mroth March 25, 2014

I have to apologize right off the bat to those of you who may still have snow on the ground, but spring seems to have sprung in North Carolina and I could not be more happy! Whenever the seasons change I get excited to spend some time in my kitchen. New ingredients that arrive with […]

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Can Yoga Increase Fertility?

by mroth March 24, 2014

Guest blog by Sandra Mills. Fertility struggles can feel like you’re stuck on a hamster wheel in a cage you did not choose. Couples undergoing fertility treatments suddenly feel like they no longer have control of the most intimate parts of their bodies and their relationship, and it is stressful. That stress adversely affects fertility, […]

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Three New Medical Findings on PCOS and How they May Impact Your Ability to Conceive

by mroth March 19, 2014

1. In vitro maturation (IVM) With traditional IVF, patients typically inject themselves with hormone medications for eight to 10 days to stimulate the ovaries into producing multiple eggs for fertilization. But hormone injections aren’t always the best choice for PCOS patients because they have an increased risk for ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) – a condition […]

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Why Become an Egg Donor?

by mroth March 14, 2014

Guest Blog by Natalie on behalf of The London Egg Bank. Becoming an egg donor is an altruistic affair. Many women choose to become egg donors so that they can give the gift of parenthood to those couples who have embarked upon the difficult and emotional journey of trying to conceive. Some women may have […]

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4 Ways to Restore Your Energy

by mroth March 12, 2014

Yesterday afternoon I found myself becoming really sluggish. In fact, while driving home I got so sleepy that I needed to pull over and rest my eyes a bit. A bit embarrassing to have to admit that! It got me thinking about energy and how we all struggle with maintaining our energy levels throughout the […]

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3 Books About Infertility Support We Love

by mroth March 4, 2014

We’ve been doing a lot of reading while we wait for warm weather to arrive and wanted to share some recommendations for books that are wonderful resources for dealing with infertility. There are plenty of good ones out there, so be sure to check our ‘books we love‘ page for more recommendations, as well as […]

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5 Stages to Starting the Month off with a Positive Attitude after a BFN (Big Fat Negative)

by mroth February 28, 2014

How are you doing? Be honest, you can tell me if you’re feeling like crap. I won’t judge! In fact, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to deal with the really crummy emotions that surround that time of the month where you have a BFN (Big Fat Negative). Not an easy time. Thinking […]

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The I Stands Alone

by mroth February 24, 2014

Guest Blog by Lindsay Agne, founder of Full Circle. There has been alot of talk about VULNERABILITY lately. Brene Brown and her TED talk brought a spot light to that word and it spread like wildfire. SHAME is another biggie. Why is there such a stigma around infertility? IS it that despite the numbers showing […]

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Fitness – The Key to Conception

by mroth February 17, 2014

Contributed by freelance writer. While some women can conceive without any problems, others are not so lucky. Those in the latter group can attest to the frustration and disappointment associated with trying different procedures to no avail. Not surprisingly, the stress of being unable to conceive often worsens the situation. Female hormone imbalance Doctors have […]

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