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Guest Blog by Suzanne Hanna, a Licensed Psychotherapist, Holistic Health Practitioner, Spiritual Coach, Writer, and Inspirational Speaker.

It can happen in a moment, usually after a life-changing realization or event. Everything goes dark. The air in your body gets sucked from your lungs. A lead ball crashes into your core, leaving you weak. Your throat constricts and your body begins to sweat. Your heart races. Your temples pound. We have all been there.

I can remember this happening to me a few times in my life. Something completely unexpected happens. You get a devastating phone call; you’re counting on people and no one shows up; you wake up from a lie and realize just how shaky the ground you’ve been standing on is. These moments send you reeling down the rabbit hole into the deep dark abyss.

You think you’ll never recover from whatever it is, but most of us do eventually. Once we have regained equilibrium, we look back and wonder how we got from there to here, and then we swear that we will NEVER go back there again.

Yet we do that, too. You see, that is the evolution of life. Pain is often the catalyst for periods of intense growth, when we are ready to shed the old, but are not yet ready to embrace the new. Pain is perhaps the defining characteristic when we are thrashing about in the murky waters of denial, shame, fear, anger, and doubt until we regain the strength to swim to the nearest shore.

The times I have spent in the rabbit hole have been scary as well as painful. I will admit that I have wanted to run, hide or find anything just to make it stop. I have prayed that I would fall asleep and wake up to the realization that it was all just a dream. The truth is, there is no way around it. We can temporarily avoid it but it will always come back until either the lesson is learned or we have been awakened from a deep sleep. It would be nice if growth could come in prettier packages and with detailed instruction manuals to follow, and at times it does. But if you are anything like me, with a stubborn streak, then there are times when the Universe has no other choice but to bring the hammer down. Not to punish us, but to awaken us.

EVERY time I have been in the darkness, I have learned something new — about myself and about the lessons I have come to this life to learn. I have gained more insight into my deeper truth and have brought healing to my core wounds. I have learned to reach out and ask for support so I do not drown in the pain. And once I have climbed out of the rabbit hole, I see the enormous gifts that I received from my time there.

I am not going to lie and say I look forward to these periods of painful growth, but I will say that they no longer frighten me as they once did. You see I have gotten the tools and resources that I have needed to see in the dark. My faith, my purpose, my truth, and my courage have been loyal companions. There are moments that I forget that they are there, but before long I am reminded again.

We will NEVER be able to outrun the darkness. The more we run, the more painful the process. It will inevitably find us lurking behind some tree or hiding underneath the bed. We eventually have to face it.

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew what to do when it comes knocking at your door?

What if you could befriend it so that you can learn quickly what it has come to teach you?


What if you no longer had to constantly fear the day that it will find you so that you can live FULLY in the present?

suzanne_hannaSuzanne Hanna is a Licensed Psychotherapist, Holistic Health Practitioner, Spiritual Coach, Writer, and Inspirational Speaker. She has helped hundreds of men and women move through their fear and pain as a way to live a more Inspired Life. Suzanne believes that it is up to the mid-lifers and beyond to come out from the shadows of their own fear, pain and shame in order to be the way – showers for the younger generations.

“I am on a mission to remove the stigma around fear, pain and shame. I want to teach others about the importance of the journey into darkness in order to reclaim their power and true selves. I believe it is the ONLY way to get to personal freedom. Several years ago I went on my own version of The Wilderness Walk when I hiked across the United States with my golden retriever Grace. It changed my life.”


I’ve found another book to add to my list of recommended reading related to fertility! Rebecca Fett’s It Starts With The Egg is an important read, and one I am happy to see getting such positive feedback.

Circle+Bloom is grounded in science. The development of our mind-body programs was done in collaboration with the professional medical community who have provided guidance and counsel throughout their creation. The desire to create these programs in the first place stemmed from the fact that over the past few decades the effectiveness of guided imagery / visualization, along with the negative impacts of stress on fertility, have been established by numerous research findings.

Screen-Shot-2014-04-16-at-8.56.31-PMStill, it is sometimes hard to find robust research that scientifically explores infertility that crosses over into every-day knowledge and practice. That’s why it is so refreshing to read It Starts with the Egg. The book presents a reasoned and balanced review of the latest science linking environmental factors to reduced fertility and other health problems.

One of the most interesting findings in the book relate to nutrition. If you’ve read our blog you may have seen that we really believe that nutrition can have a huge impact on your fertility. It’s good to see this backed up by science, especially since current fertility advice related to nutrition is lacking. The book describes research published in the Journal of Fertility and Sterility finding that women following a Mediterranean diet before their IVF cycle had a 40% higher chance of becoming pregnant, along with some other really interesting studies related to nutrition and fertility that you may not have heard about.

That’s why Rebecca’s book is so important in my eyes. It raises awareness, in an easy-to-read, approachable way, so that more people are aware of the scientific evidence linking environmental factors to reduced fertility and health problems.

The true beauty of the book is that it compliments the thorough overview of the current scientific research with easy-to follow, practical changes you can make in your everyday life. Small, simple changes in life can have big impacts! We truly believe that here at Circle+Bloom, and Rebecca’s book brings this to light in a powerful way.

I want you all to be able to read it, so head over to our sister site YourFertilityDeals where we are currently offering a deal on the book. I would love it if after you go and read the book, you come back here and share in the comments what changes you made as a result.

Happy reading!


Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 9.44.14 PM

Guest Blog by Cheretta A Clerkley, a strategic marketing health care professional for Hormone Health Network. She has worked for over 10 years in direct patient education focusing on hormone health.

Being pregnant affects a lot more than your body. The outward signs of expecting a baby become more apparent over time, but the emotional and psychological ones are easier to hide. As a result, many pregnant women are taken by surprise by how much their emotions change during the course of those nine months. Knowing that you’re about to become a mother is enough to heighten anyone’s emotions, but there’s more to it than that. As soon as you become pregnant, hormones in your body go into overdrive and can dramatically impact how you feel. By keeping a few things in mind, you’ll be able to emerge on the other side with your mental well-being intact.

Common Hormonal Changes During Pregnancy

Sometimes, just knowing which hormones are flaring up and how they’re affecting you can help you deal with them more effectively. Dozens of hormones spring into action when you’re pregnant, but three are of particular interest:

  • Progesterone: This hormone helps to ensure that the baby grows normally. However, it is also responsible for making you feel sore and bloated, and it can cause upset stomachs and make your breasts exceedingly tender and painful. Coping with these symptoms is enough to make anyone feel moody.
  • HCG: Human chorionic gonadotropin kicks in very early in pregnancy, and it aids in the production of progesterone. It’s also largely responsible for the morning sickness and feelings of fatigue that tend to plague expectant mothers at this stage.
  • Estrogen: The primary purpose of this hormone is to prepare the placenta so that the growing baby can stay nourished and healthy. It is believed that estrogen is mostly the cause of heightened emotions and mood swings that many pregnant women experience.

Tips for Dealing with Pregnancy Hormones

As you can see, the hormones that make you feel less-than-great while pregnant all serve important purposes, so suppressing them isn’t an option. There are ways to minimize the impact they have on your state of mind, though:

  • Find ways to relieve stress: It’s natural to feel like you’re running out of time and that you need to accomplish as much as possible before the baby arrives. However, that’s also a good way to end up feeling more overwhelmed than ever. Make a point of carving out time to engage in stress-relieving activities. Exercise and meditation are great for this, but simple things like getting enough sleep and eating right help a lot too.
  • Take it easy: There’s no such thing as being completely, 100 percent prepared for a baby. Don’t overdo it. Once your bundle of joy arrives, the days of having time for yourself will be gone for the near future. Be kind to yourself, and set aside plenty of time for naps, baths, trips to the spa and other pampering activities.
  • Bond with your partner: The more support you get while pregnant, the better you’ll ultimately feel. Don’t be afraid to lean on your partner as you go through the whirlwind of emotions that you’re bound to experience. If you are single, turn to friends, relatives and other loved ones for support.
  • Have fun: Hormonal changes can make you feel less than enthusiastic about doing the fun things you usually enjoy. You will probably have to force yourself to go out and have fun, but try to do so at least a few times per month. Once you’re out there doing fun things, you’ll be glad you made yourself go.
  • Talk it out: Now is not the time to try to be the strong, silent type. Most people are perfectly understanding about the emotional toll that pregnancy takes, so use that to your advantage by talking about how you feel as often as possible. After all, a problem shared is a problem halved!

Know when to Get Help

Pregnancy hormones can make you feel like a completely different person, and they’re never much fun to endure. With that being said, some women experience more severe symptoms. It’s important to know when to get help. If you feel excessively anxious or depressed, talk to your doctor. Similarly, let your doctor know if you experience mild to moderate depression or anxiety that lasts longer than two weeks. About 10 percent of pregnant women experience depression, and there are ways to treat it.

The vast majority of pregnant women get through their pregnancies without going through too much turmoil. As stressful as dealing with pregnancy hormones may be, it’s a fact of life. It may seem like you’ll be pregnant and feel this way forever, but the baby will arrive before you know it. In the meantime, go easy on yourself and seek help if your symptoms become too overwhelming.


Hello! My name is Meagan. Some of you may already know me if you are a Circle+Bloom partner since I help work with our wonderful affiliates and partners. If not–hi! It’s nice to ‘meet’ you :) I also do some of the blog writing here. I’m going to take advantage of that and use this post to share a little with you about a recent trip I went on.

I just got back from a trip to Istanbul, Turkey (my first voyage across the Atlantic!) After over 10 hours of flying I felt like I had traveled to a different world, and the city is certainly different from my hometown of Boston, as well as my current residence of Washington, DC. More surprising than the differences, however, were the many similarities I saw. Here are just a few.

-11. People love good food and drinks.

The food and drinks might be different (doner kebabs and turkish coffee in Istanbul’s case) but just about anywhere people like sitting down to a great meal with their friends and family. [Side note--fresh squeezed pomegranate juice is amazing and it might be the thing I'm going to miss most about Istanbul!]

-12. History brings people together.

While the Freedom Trail in Boston and the National Monuments in DC are much much younger than sites like the Basilica Cistern, the Blue Mosque and the Ayasofya, sites that tell a story about our past are always a draw for people. (One huge realization related to this is just how young the United States is. The First Great Church in Istanbul, the predecessor to the Ayasofya, was built in the year 360!)

3. Getting be out in nature is a shared joy.

-2I was struck by the similarity between the views of families and friends walking along the Bosphorus and enjoying the sun in the numerous parks along the water with views of people running and strolling along the Charles River in Boston and the Tidal Basin in DC. Give people some sunshine and a green space and it’s pretty much a guarantee you’ll see smiles, no matter where you are.

The world is a big place, but when you see how much we all hold in common it doesn’t seem quite so big as before. I hope one day I’ll get to go back to Istanbul. There is so much to see and experience and I only got to scratch the surface while I was there.

So, where have your travels brought you, and have you noticed any similarities or differences between where you’re from and where you visited?


This April, in honor of National Infertility Awareness Week, we’re launching a “30 Days of Fertility” campaign to support all women embarking on the fertility journey and we hope you’ll join us!

We’ve always believed in the power of mind + body awareness as it pertains to fertility. Our programs help explore the connection between stress and hormone balance and ultimate fertility, and so this month we’ll be offering up some of our best insights.

Day1Over the course of the next 30 days we’ll be sharing 30 thoughts, meditations, and tips to help you create an optimal mind + body connection. We’ll make it easy to nurture yourself and find support for your fertility journey.

We invite you to join us and to share your own journey – or show your support for others. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and share your comments, thoughts, and photos.

Help us build a community of fertility support.

At the end of the 30 days, we’ll be giving away an entire product line of our Circle + Bloom downloads free.

All you have to do to enter is share something once during the month of April on our Facebook page or via Twitter or Instagram tagged with #30DaysofFertility.

We’ll randomly pick a winner and announce who it is on May 12th.

We look forward to supporting the journey to conceive and to sharing conversations with you.

With love and gratitude,


I have to apologize right off the bat to those of you who may still have snow on the ground, but spring seems to have sprung in North Carolina and I could not be more happy!

Whenever the seasons change I get excited to spend some time in my kitchen. New ingredients that arrive with spring mean we get to brighten up and revamp our meal line-up with fresh tastes and local ingredients.

As I’ve been looking at some new recipes to try this spring it reminded me that we haven’t featured any fertility recipes on the blog in quite some time (although we are constantly sharing new recipes on our pinterest board!) So, without further ado, here’s a blog post featuring some delicious soups that just happen to be great for fertility as well.

When it comes to the best foods to eat to increase your chances of getting pregnant, seek out whole foods packed with iron from plants. Spinach, beans, pumpkin, tomatoes, and beets all appear to promote fertility and help boost your overall health. Why not enjoy them in a delicious soup?

Here are our Four Favorite Fertility-Friendly Soups:

1. Roasted Garlic Beet Soup

Beets belong to the same family as chard and spinach and have amazing blood cleansing powers. Their high content of iron regenerates and reactivates the red blood cells and supplies fresh oxygen to the body, helping rid your body of unwanted toxins and opening it up to things you do want (like a baby!). The flavor of this soup is as rich as its color.

CB_fertilityrecipes2. Roasted Pumpkin Soup

For an easy boost of iron, mix some pumpkin seeds into your yogurt or trail mix or sprinkle on top of ice cream. If you have a little time, we recommend this recipe. This seven ingredient, two-step soup will fill the house with great smells and fill you with satisfying nutrients.

3. Quick Three-Bean Chili

Beans are a magical food when it comes to fertility. Rich in vegetable protein, they are the perfect ingredient for your diet and this delicious soup. Trust us, it’s so easy and delicious you won’t miss the meat!

4. Roasted Red Pepper and Sun-Dried Tomato Soup

Sun-Dried Tomatoes also pack in the iron and pair nicely with roasted red peppers. Soak them to rehydrate before cooking in the soap and you’ll soak in tomato’s cancer-reducing properties as well as iron.

Want to know more about fertility and nutrition? Check out Harvard Medical School’s tips on ten evidence-based suggestions for improving nutrition.

What recipes are you excited to make in the upcoming weeks? Are you trying something new? Have any old favorites that you can share with us? Post below or on our FaceBook page to share. I can’t wait to try out the recipes you suggest!

Warm wishes,


Guest blog by Sandra Mills.

Fertility struggles can feel like you’re stuck on a hamster wheel in a cage you did not choose. Couples undergoing fertility treatments suddenly feel like they no longer have control of the most intimate parts of their bodies and their relationship, and it is stressful. That stress adversely affects fertility, which creates more stress, and more problems, and the wheel continues to spin, as you go nowhere.

Yoga has many forms of practice developed over centuries. With care for the unique issues of fertility, yoga has proven to be a very good way to provide both a woman and her partner with effective tools for controlling their approach to the stress in both body and mind. Many respected fertility experts are suggesting fertility yoga classes for patients. While it will not solve all fertility problems, it will help give the perspective needed to face them.

According to the NYU Fertility Center, ”Yoga for Fertility is a safe, gentle practice inspired by Hatha Yoga with a focus on deep relaxation, guided visualization and breathing to trigger the relaxation response.” A class for Fertility Yoga can tone and strengthen the body, but it also is designed to increase blood flow to the reproductive organs, decrease tension in the pelvic and hip region, and affect cortisol levels by teaching you how to control your reactions to stress.

More than exercise results from sharing a class with others in the same struggle. Realizing you are not the only one to feel trapped by infertility is encouraging as you learn together how to quiet your thoughts. The Colorado Center For Reproductive Medicine states, “Yoga is increasingly recommended for people trying to conceive, both because it helps relieve stress that can accompany fertility challenges and because the many therapeutic benefits may enhance fertility.”

Experts caution that not every fertility issue is going to be solved by holistic technique, and some yoga poses can actually create more problems. For instance, excessive twisting can cause ovaries swollen by fertility treatments to torque. It is important that the yoga class be designed for the specific limitations of the body during this time. Overall, an appropriate approach to yoga for fertility is highly recommended. When looking for yoga classes in your area, be sure to mention the fact that you are interested in fertility yoga and discuss any concerns you have with your instructor.

Yoga classes for fertility are not billed as support groups, but in many ways that is exactly what is accomplished. You meet others experiencing the same struggles, and realize you are not alone in this situation. They are not guarantees of fertility, but they restore your peace of mind and give you the skills to control your reaction to this stressful situation.

Many couples find that doing yoga together helps them to connect with each other outside the “got to get pregnant” pressure their fertility treatments put on the relationship. Activities together, learning new things and enjoying each other’s company, are welcome additions to their lifestyle.

Travel can be one of the best ways to learn new things and enjoy life together. Some couples have enjoyed traveling together to one of many excellent yoga retreats for a long weekend. One such place, if you can take the time to go, is to the birthplace of Yoga in Rishikesh, India, which has a lot to offer yogis at all levels.

The important thing is realizing that there are ways to confront the stresses of infertility with positive actions. It is difficult to feel trapped in that cage, running on a wheel that may seem endless, but fertility yoga can give you the key to freedom.

sandraSandra Mills is a freelance health and travel writer. She enjoys coming up with topics that benefit people’s health. She recently discovered the many health benefits of practicing yoga.

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1. In vitro maturation (IVM)

With traditional IVF, patients typically inject themselves with hormone medications for eight to 10 days to stimulate the ovaries into producing multiple eggs for fertilization. But hormone injections aren’t always the best choice for PCOS patients because they have an increased risk for ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) – a condition that causes the ovaries to become swollen and painful.

Instead, a new better option might be in-vitro maturation. With in vitro maturation (IVM) eggs are removed from the ovaries and are collected when they are still immature. They are then matured in the laboratory before being fertilized.

CB_pcosBecause the eggs are immature when they are collected you don’t need to take as many drugs before the eggs can be collected like with conventional IVF. In addition, women with PCOS are good candidates for this procedure because they have many immature follicles which lead to lots of little immature eggs.

The treatment is still considered experimental, so it’s not covered by insurance. Neway Fertility hopes to change that with an ongoing IVM study that has shown success rates of 80 percent so far. For more information or to enroll in the study, visit NewayFertility.com.

2. Letrozole

With clomiphene citrate, the most commonly used agent for ovulation induction in women with PCOS, only about half the women who ovulate end up having babies. So scientists have been focusing on new ways to improve fertility in women with PCOS.

The Wall Street Journal recently published an article looking at these new developments. They write, “Dr. Eisenberg, Penn State’s Dr. Legro and the Reproductive Medicine Network have been running a clinical trial to improve fertility. In a presentation to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine in October, they showed that early results indicate a medication called letrozole, a drug commonly used for in vitro fertilization, appears to result in more live births than clomiphene.”

To read more visit the article here. In addition to covering new developments it also provides some good facts and figures about PCOS.

3. Inositol

PCOS Diva is a great resource for the latest PCOS news, and she recently shared some exciting new research. She spotlighted Dr. Antonio Simone Laganà, who has been conducting studies around the supplement inositol. Inositol is a naturally occurring substance produced in the human body that belongs to the vitamin B complex group. It is a precursor to a number of ”signaling molecules” that essentially tell cells how to behave.

According to the article there are nine different types of inositol that are found naturally in many foods such as fruits, nuts and beans. Of the nine different types of inositol, two have insulin-sensitizing capabilities: myo-inositol and d-chiro-inositol.

Dr. Lagana told PCOS Diva, “According to our recent data analysis, both the isoforms of inositol are effective in improving ovarian function and metabolism in patients with PCOS, although myo-inositol showed the most marked effect on the metabolic profile, whereas D-chiro-inositol reduced hyperandrogenism better.”

You can read a summary of his findings, as well as check out all the wonderful resources PCOS Diva has to offer, at the site.


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by mroth October 28, 2013

Guest Blog by Maria Peterson, an early education specialist who writes about advocating for head start schools. The average birth in the U.S. costs $30,000, reports the Washington Post, but you could pay even more if you need a C-section, or if your pregnancy includes complications. If you don’t have insurance, that figure might as [...]

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The 38 Best Methods for Making Exercise a Habit

by mroth October 24, 2013

Uh oh. Halloween is right around the corner, and that means an abundance of Halloween candy. Whether you’re stoking up on candy for trick-or-treaters or tempted by bargain priced candy right after Halloween, there’s going to be lots of chocolaty sugary yummy temptations. I tend to overindulge this time of year, and as a result [...]

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Thank Your Spine for Holding Your Head On!

by mroth October 23, 2013

Guest Blog by Jodie Cope, Licensed Acupuncturist and Health Coach Creating a ritual around body awareness is like a mini vacation for our nervous system. Focusing for even a minute each day on being aware of our bodies can make a huge impact on our health. The correlation between meditation/prayer and health is undeniable. You [...]

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Chinese Herbs and Fertility

by mroth October 14, 2013

Guest Blog by Jennifer Nahon, a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in Chicago, IL. Chinese herbs have been used for centuries to help boost fertility. I have been an herbalist for many years and have helped many women get pregnant with herbs. The problem I find the most is that women will come in with an [...]

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Wherever You Go, There You Are

by mroth October 8, 2013

Are you as happy as me with the coming of Fall? Even with the crazy holidays peeking around the corner, I am loving my pumpkins, my mums and a cute handmade wooden witch that stands proudly in my front yard (made with love by my hubby). And for whatever reason, all this seasonal change made [...]

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3 Steps to Changing Your Diet Today

by mroth October 4, 2013

We’ve talked a lot about how your diet can have a huge impact on your health and fertility. And while it all sounds well and good, sometimes making a long-term change like improving your diet can seem overwhelming or too hard to maintain. But that doesn’t have to be the case. Even the smallest changes [...]

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Start a Gratitude Journal to Reap Amazing Benefits

by mroth September 25, 2013

I hope all is well. How are you feeling today? If you’re feeling happy, sad, frustrated, tired, hopeful or anything else, I bet there is one thing you can do right at this moment. Think of something you are thankful for. Good job! You may not know it, but you just gave yourself a psychological [...]

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Natural Ways To Deal With PCOS

by mroth September 16, 2013

Guest Blog by Marcela De Vivo. It seems unfair that our bodies can betray us so badly with symptoms like acne, weight gain, hair on our faces, depression and infertility. Recently, a friend of mine was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and I’ve been with her through the entire process, and let me tell [...]

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Meditation: The Most Fundamental Habit

by mroth September 13, 2013

I hope things are going well for you. Is there anything I can do for you? Do you have any questions for me or any stories you want to share? I often mention the importance of being mindful and how it is the key to defeating negative thoughts and living in the stress-free moment. But [...]

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Announcing The Girlfriend’s Survival Guide to Simplify Infertility Ebook Bundle Sale from My Hopeful Journey

by mroth September 5, 2013

Hi there! We received such positive feedback the last time we shared a great ebook bundle that we wanted to share the news with you again! Our wonder affiliate My Hopeful Journey has launched the The Girlfriend’s Survival Guide to Simplify Infertility ebook bundle sale, and we think its pretty fabulous. So read below to [...]

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Comprehensive Chromosome Screening (SelectCCS)

by mroth September 3, 2013

Guest Blog by Dr. Bradley Miller, a Reproductive Endocrinologist. SelectCCS is the most well-validated and proven method of comprehensive chromosome screening (CCS) for patients undergoing IVF treatment. SelectCCS improves the embryo selection process by accurately determining which embryos have a normal or abnormal number of chromosomes. The embryos with the normal number of chromosomes have [...]

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Circle+Bloom is featured in Dr Amanda Waaldyk’s article in the Melbourne Herald Sun

by mroth August 29, 2013

Guest Blog by Dr Amanda Waaldyk, fertility expert and director of Angea Fertility Clinic. What do you do when you find you are one of the one in six couples struggling with fertility? My best advice for couples struggling to conceive is for a woman to treat her body as if she were already pregnant. [...]

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The Secret Power of Guided Visualization…Does it Work for Fertility?

by mroth August 19, 2013

I’m going to let you in on a secret—guided imagery is one of the best ways to better health, including fertility. Well, maybe it’s not much of a secret anymore. Over the past few decades the effectiveness of guided imagery / visualization has been established by research findings that demonstrate its positive impact on health, [...]

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The Tiny Guide to Overcoming Fear

by mroth July 30, 2013

I have a seemingly random question for you: Are you afraid? I don’t mean afraid of spiders or afraid of heights (though that’s two checks for me.) I mean is there something in your life that leaves you with a scared pit in your stomach, which paralyzes you and stops you from living your life [...]

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Infertility is not about “us” but it’s not about “them” either

by mroth July 29, 2013

Beth Katz, author of The Hopeful Gal’s Guide to IVF, shares a personal story of her experience as a single, infertile mother in this guest blog post. My toddler went to a birthday party the other day. His name was Bobby and he was turning three. There were tons of balloons and Fritos and for [...]

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Three Powerful Steps to Get In Control Over Your Fertility

by mroth July 22, 2013

We all like feeling in control, right? But it’s usually much easier to say “I like being in control” than to actually always be in control. That’s why today I want to share with you three of the most powerful steps you can take to get in control over your fertility. These three steps are [...]

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The Top Fertility FAQ

by mroth July 15, 2013

Guest Blog by Dr. Bradley Miller, a Reproductive Endocrinologist. When couples begin the process of creating a family they often have very important questions regarding fertility. Below are the three most popular topics that are discussed when couples are thinking about pursuing fertility treatment: What are the best days of the month? For patients that [...]

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