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Guest Blog by Vickie Barnes, co-founder of BabyHopes.com.

The journey to parenthood encompasses the full spectrum of emotions. At the start, everything is exciting and hopeful. You are full of dreams of how your future is going to bloom and how you will soon have a brand new baby in your arms. As the journey unfolds, this hopefulness can slowly diminish and be replaced with sadness and frustration if the positive pregnancy test remains elusive. This is what inspired Vickie Barnes to found BabyHopes.com.

About Vickie Barnes and BabyHopes:

Babyhopes.com was a natural progression from a labor of love, literally. In 1996, I moved to England, from New Jersey, to be with my soon-to-be husband, Steve. While living there, we had our daughter, Jennifer. Her labor was amazing and I started a website called The Labor of Love to tell everyone about our home water birth. That website blossomed into a thriving supportive community of people, who were trying to get pregnant or were parents of young children. It became apparent that many people were spending a fortune on ovulation and pregnancy tests month after month. We knew there had to be a more cost-effective alternative. When BabyHopes opened in 2001, we sold low cost, reliable pregnancy tests and ovulation tests. As the years passed, we grew and changed. On the personal front, we moved back to the United States and added two wonderful sons to our family. On the business front, Babyhopes.com continued to grow and change too, still selling low cost tests, but now also selling many different herbal products that will help you optimize your chances of getting pregnant naturally.

The BabyHopes Philosophy

As online shoppers ourselves, we greatly value good customer service. Sometimes, it is hard to come by in the impersonal world of ecommerce. We like being able to help our customers find the right product for their needs. One husband and wife team called our office many times, over a two week period, asking for clarification about what products would be the most helpful for the wife. They shared their struggle with us, in detail, and, sadly, the fertility doctors had given them no hope of conceiving on their own. They refused to accept that prognosis and came to us, looking for hope and advice. We were able to suggest some natural supplements that would be helpful. The best part of this journey was when they called back, about 2 months later, to thank us for our help because they were able to get pregnant on their own! Businesses typically do not want their customers to go away, but in our case, we would much rather you achieve your dreams then come back month after disheartening month. Our hope is that won’t see you again, until you start trying for baby number two!

Products To Help You Achieve Your Dream

When BabyHopes was first “born”, we were really focusing on providing the high quality, low cost tests. The amazing ladies, on our message board, were spending a fortune on buying ovulation and pregnancy tests at the drug store, month after month. Our focus expanded, over time, to include herbal supplements that helped to increase overall reproductive health. It was at this point that we felt that we were able to really offer value to the couples trying to get pregnant. I have always been a fan of natural approaches to achieving health. Being able to offer this natural option, to the trying to conceive community, fit right in with my life philosophy. Sometimes your reproductive system just needs a bit of a tune up to optimize the hormones that lead to a successful pregnancy. An added benefit of using the herbs is that both women and men can use them. As women, we are a little more tolerant to doctors having access to our private parts. Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 10.05.10 AMMen are, typically, more resistant to having issues surrounding their family jewels scrutinized. The herbs provide a non-threatening way for them to try and deal with fertility issues they might have with their sperm. The herbs don’t guarantee success, but if you have an imbalance in your system, they are a great first step in correcting that. Provide your body with the hormonal balance it needs in order to get pregnant, and the chances of having that baby increases. We have had many couples come back and say that they finally succeeded in conceiving after trying the herbs, and sometimes, this is after they had doctors, unsuccessfully, involved. We love those types of stories!

Adding A Little Hope to Every Order

We would love to be able to wave a magic baby wand to help our customers reach their goal of getting pregnant. It is heartbreaking to watch the emotional struggle that many have in achieving their dream of holding their newborn baby in their arms. Included in every order is a complimentary packet of baby dust. It is a reminder for you to not lose sight of your dream. We want you to know that we are right there with you and hoping you achieve your dream soon.

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 10.01.06 AMVickie Barnes is the co-founder of BabyHopes.com, an online retailer of herbal fertility treatments. Based in Morrisville, NC, Vickie and her husband, Steve, work to keep the hope of having a baby alive. In her free time, Vickie spends time with her kids and likes to sneak away and read a good book every now and then. Want to ask Vickie a question? You can find her on twitter, facebook, or send an email.


Keeping a journal is a powerful tool for relieving stress, providing clarity of thoughts and emotions, and helping to achieve greater inner harmony.

A member of the Circle + Bloom community recently reached out to us because she wanted to tap into these amazing benefits, but wondered, “Where do I begin?” Her question made me realize that we need to do a better job of laying the groundwork for this incredible daily practice!

-1Journaling is a very personal process…and one size shouldn’t fit all. In other words, you might try a few different avenues or methods to find what works best for you.

And most importantly, there is no right or wrong way to do this! Like meditation, there is evidence to support the theory that repetition and consistency are much more important than the amount of time spent on mindfulness and reflection activities. More than trying to feel that you need to do a long and involved journal entry, just try to take 5 minutes a day and make it a habit.

When you sit down to write, ask yourself a simple question – “How am I feeling today?” – and then set your timer for 5 minutes, and start writing! Be truthful, brutal, honest and open.

Allow yourself to express the full range of emotions that you feel without shame, embarrassment, or any other self-regulating thoughts. Allow your reactions to come in loud and clear, and be the witnesser and recorder of those thoughts.

Something truly amazing happens when you do this!

You provide yourself with a safe zone of reflection and you start to realize there are two of you – the thinking and emotional mind, and the witnesser of those thoughts and emotions. Becoming more aligned with the witnesser of those thoughts and emotions is the key to finding peace within. Buddhists call this “enlightenment.”

So, let me summarize in five simple steps for how to make the most of your journaling experience each and everyday:

  1. Make it a daily, but short, habit (5 minutes).
  2. Get yourself a journal that feels good in your hands…something that you will feel a physical connection with. HomeGoods or TJMaxx actually have a great selection and they are cheap! But if you don’t have a journal yet, use what you have. Don’t let that become a barrier to getting started today!
  3. Create a calming ritual around your journaling time. Sit down in a quiet place, maybe have a cup of tea, or light a soothing candle.
  4. Ask yourself the simple question “What am I feeling today?”
  5. Set a timer for 5 minutes and write whatever comes to mind! Do not self-regulate or pass judgment on your thoughts and feelings – just be open and honest.

We recently wrote this blog post about keeping a gratitude journal, which is also very helpful! http://www.circlebloom.com/start-a-gratitude-journal-to-reap-amazing-benefits/

Tell us about your tips for journaling (or favorite place to get a journal) in the comments or on our Facebook page.


Circle + Bloom is so pleased to introduce the C + B Infertility Support Circle, a private Facebook group created to serve women living with infertility.

Living with infertility can leave you feeling isolated, with no one to talk to, who really understands this reality.

Rest assured that you don’t have to walk this journey alone. In the Infertility Support Circle, we know exactly what this is like.

We are a group of women dedicated to learning, helping, and supporting each other on the journey to building a family. In this group we will share our stories, be inspired, find hope, discover kinship, and take joyous, positive action in our journeys.

Circle+Bloom’s Infertility Support Circle is truly unique. Our community is rich with experience, insight, and thoughtful leadership. In fact, our group is moderated by Rosanne Austin, creator of www.frommaybetobaby.com.

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 9.43.39 PMExpert coach, attorney, writer, wife, and infertility survivor, Rosanne Austin combines lessons learned on her own fertility journey with tactical skills honed during her 10 years as a “force of nature” trial attorney, to provide parenthood hopefuls with the tools they need to create a path to parenthood in the face of infertility. Rosanne has been a featured blogger on fertilityauthority.com, Circle+Bloom, Heartfelt Egg Donation, and can be heard on the Fertility Revolution Podcast. Click here to learn more about Rosanne.

Rosanne will pose powerful questions, foster great conversations, and stoke the fire of authentic community.

Join our private Infertility Support Circle group on Facebook by sending an email to amy@circlebloom.com and we’ll make you a member. The group is TOP SECRET so that no one on Facebook will see that you’ve joined the group, nor can they see our posts! You are welcome to invite others by email once you are a member.

Joining the Infertility Support Circle now means that you will get 2 fantastic bonuses:

  1. Get the first 5 sessions of the Circle+Bloom Natural Cycle program for free, AND
  2. Get your exclusive invitation to exciting special events that Circle+Bloom and Rosanne Austin will be hosting starting in November!

We are excited and honored to share this with you and to share in your journey.

Join hands with us. Be a part of our circle.

With love & gratitude, -


Do you ever feel overwhelmed with the mounting costs of infertility treatments? For many couples, the financial strain associated with trying to conceive is an uphill battle in itself! Fortunately, our friends at Fertility Within Reach are doing some wonderful work and providing expertise on how to ask your insurance company to cover health care related to infertility.

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 5.32.16 PMDavina Fankhauser, president of Fertility Within Reach, was recently interviewed for an article in MONEY Magazine called “Waiting for Baby. $55,000 and Counting,” which chronicles the family-building journey of Carrie and Dan Zampich (read the full story and see a video of the couple here). Along with Atlanta-based financial planner Lee Baker, Fankhauser offers the following suggestions to Carrie and Dan for working with their insurance company and saving money throughout their infertility journey:

  1. Press for more coverage from your insurance company.
    “You have to be your own advocate,” says Fankhauser. Review your insurance policy carefully and discuss exactly what is covered with your benefits specialist. Discuss ways to maximize your coverage and identify negotiating points that you can leverage with the insurance company.
  2. Appeal for reimbursement.
    Treatment for the same condition may be covered by insurance if it’s characterized as a medical problem but not covered if infertility is cited as the reason for care, says Fankhauser. Be sure to take advantage of these situations and petition your insurance company to cover any treatments or procedures for symptoms that could be attributed to other medical conditions.
  3. Melt the plastic.
    Credit card bills can rack up quickly for couples undergoing infertility treatment. Baker suggests designating a monthly amount that you are comfortable with to pay down credit card debts. Identify credit cards with the highest interest rate and pay those down first.
  4. Be stingier.
    Sit down and log monthly expenses and spending. Look for areas where you may be spending in excess and create a reasonable budget that allows you to devote more income to paying off debts and saving for the future.
  5. Get priorities straight.
    Baker says that the Zampich’s No. 1 goal should be to build an emergency fund that would cover at least six months’ worth of their expenses.  This includes budgeting for a contribution to their retirement account and keeping an eye toward future costs associated with parenthood, such as childcare, and life/disability insurance.

For more information on how to cut costs during infertility treatment, please read this additional article (where Fankhauser is also featured), or click here for a full list of infertility and finance resources.

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After months of sharing, learning, and growing together as a community, our Pay It Forward Fertility Summer Challenge is drawing to a close. We received so many touching and thoughtful responses from all of you throughout the course of our summer challenges and we are thrilled to announce that we had 282 total pay it forward actions!

We came so close to meeting our 300 actions goal, and we want to give back by paying it fertility forward to you! As a thank you for your participation, we invite all of our fans and customers to use the special code payfertilityforward20 (expires 9/25) to receive a special 20% off discount on any Circle+Bloom program! Also congratulations to Cindy and Turinese for winning our flash giveaway in July, and to Laurence, Julie, and Brittany for winning an entire line of our downloads FREE!

Our supportive community is stronger than ever and we hope to grow the fertility circle beyond this campaign by continuing to share good things and encouraging fertility to bloom! Thank you again for sharing your experiences and opening your hearts.

With love and gratitude,



Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 5.04.25 PM

SAN DIEGO, CALIF. (June 13, 2014) – Natural Baby Pros, Hullabaloo, and Reproductive Wellness present the 5th annual Natural Family Fair, Sunday, Sept. 14, 2014 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. The Natural Baby Fair, Fertility Expo and Hullabaloo Family Music Festival combine for a fun-filled day of learning and entertainment, when all three events come together under one tent!

Your Natural Baby Fair
The fair answers all your pregnancy, birth, and health questions, while showcasing a variety of vendors, demonstrations and products to fit all lifestyle choices.

  • Keynote: Peggy O’Mara, former editor of Mothering Magazine – “How It Really Is: The Truth About the Early Years of Parenting”
  • Karen Brody, founder of Bold Tranquility, a fatigue management system – “Be Good to Yourself: Embrace the Healing Powers of Rest to Tame the Overwhelm”

Fertility Expo
Brought to you by Reproductive Wellness, this semi-private area is a great resource for couples seeking support in conception and natural alternatives. Attendees will have a chance to speak privately, at no charge, with the physicians and experts at the expo. Speakers include:

Hullabaloo Family Music Festival
Head into the Paddock to boogie on the grass and enjoy several music acts throughout the day. Hullabaloo will play for two sets, and we’ll also enjoy the performances of Randy Kaplan, The Hollow Trees, Kathryn Cloward and Melissa Green. Several family-friendly vendors and activities will be in this area as well to allow your kids to channel their inner-monkey and inner-artist.

The Breastfeeding Lounge returns with The Dad’s Lounge, and Free Community Clinic is making their debut.

The fair will be broadcasted live via New Mommy Media. Live interviews and demonstrations of speakers, sponsors and talented pros who will be at the fair. No matter where in the world you live, enjoy an inside view of the expertise and cutting edge support that the fair offers – live on the day of the event.

Due to huge support from several key sponsors, this family event is made very affordable to the families of San Diego. Key sponsors include: Nature’s Whisper Yoga, home of hot mama yoga, BabyHawk, San Diego Breastfeeding Center, New Mommy Media.com, Gymboree Play & Music, Kid Ventures, Basic Training for New Dads and Good Vibrations Family Chiropractic.

The fair is 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Sunday, Sept. 14. Tickets are $10 for adults and children are $7. Tickets may be purchased in advance or at the door. Goodie bags will be given to the first 250 families. Family Packs and VIP packages available for pre-sale, including a Babyhawk carrier and other full-sized products.

For more information on the event, visit www.naturalfamilyfair.com, www.sandiegofertilityexpo.com, call (760) 689-2229 or email amy@naturalfamilyfair.com. And follow the fair on Facebook and Twitter as well.


I cannot lie. Stress consumes me. Yup, the creator of *relaxation programs* is a stress-monger.

There are nights that I lie in bed, starring at the ceiling amidst a personal hurricane of regret, worry and general negativity. It usually surrounds a situation of dealing with others in my life… or a sudden life event that alters my perception of the future.

I know you know what I mean, because these are the emotions that shaped MY life while trying to conceive.

And, our programs provide a huge antidote to it…and of course, that is a shameless plug here in our blog for our programs, but, I am so very proud of our offerings and I will not apologize for that.

However, the in-between times when you aren’t listening to them, and you go back on auto-pilot, this is when the monster (even when you think he is asleep) will roar back to life in an instant and bite you in the ass.

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 9.47.36 AMSo, here are my eight ways of dealing with it. First and foremost – and lately – my method of control is using a mantra… so hence, that is first on my list…

  1. Mantra.
    This is a life-changing habit. I guarantee it. This is what I’ve done: I take 10 – 15 minutes to take a simple walk outside. And while I step, I either say “thank you” “thank you” thank you” or “I love myself” “I love myself,” “I love myself” over and over again (see steps 7 and 8 below as well). It’s a powerful way to reprogram your brain such that when you encounter negative emotions, you will begin to catch yourself and say your mantra again. More on this in the coming months, I promise. It’s a game-changer.
  2. Breathe.
    Deep breathing is a great way to lower stress and you can practice it just about anywhere. Close your eyes and take ten deep, cleansing breaths. Shift your attention from your mind to your body by focusing on filling your chest and belly with air on each inhale and the sensation of release that comes with every exhale. Take as many breaths as you need until you feel your heart rate slowing down and your tension easing.
  3. Practice positive self-talk.
    It’s easy to slip into negative self-talk when we are feeling depressed, anxious, or overwhelmed, but remember to be gentle with yourself. Push negative thoughts aside and embrace your positive inner voice. Imagine yourself as a child, feeling lonely or afraid – what would you say to your child-self to help calm their fears and remind them they are loved? A simple, “It’s okay” might be all it takes to make you feel more centered and peaceful. Adopt these reassuring thoughts as your personal mantras and repeat them to yourself throughout the day.

  4. Meditate.
    Meditation goes hand in hand with many of the other tools on this list and is a wonderful way of increasing awareness and acceptance. Mindfulness meditation is a particularly helpful technique that expands on deep breathing exercises by focusing more deeply on the rhythm of your breath and letting thoughts and emotions pass over you without judgment. Acknowledge and respect the feelings that come to you during your meditations and clear your mind by intentionally allowing them to float away. For more information on meditation check out Ken Myer’s guest post Finding Time to Meditate: Keeping Yourself Healthy.
  5. Sleep.
    Anxiety is exhausting! It drains us mentally and physically and oftentimes disrupts our sleep patterns. If you find yourself having a hard time sleeping or falling asleep, you may need to adjust your routine. Try a cup of herbal tea, power down all screens at least an hour before bedtime, or do a few restorative yoga poses before hitting the sheets – it may take a little experimenting to find what works for you, but the benefits of a good night’s sleep are worth it. Check out Joanne’s post Waking Up Feeling Refreshed – It’s Possible! for more sleep tips.
  6. Create a support system – and use it!
    Fill your life with people that accept you for who you are, encourage you, and bring you joy. We all need help sometimes, and when someone really cares about you, it isn’t a chore to lend a hand. Just remember that your support system wants you to be happy and healthy, and they would probably do anything to help get you there.
  7. Walk it out.
    Exercise has many stress-busting benefits. The Mayo Clinic concludes that exercise increases feel-good endorphins, acts as meditation in motion, and improves your mood by giving you confidence and a sense of command over your body. You don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy these benefits – whether its walking, gardening, swimming or yoga – just pick an activity that you enjoy and make time for it everyday.

  8. Express gratitude.
    Every single day, identify the simple things in life that bring you joy and express gratitude for them. Whether it be the rays of morning sun, or your best friend’s belly laugh – whatever makes you stop and enjoy the moment. What else brings you happiness throughout your day? Try to become more aware of your inner state of being and make a commitment to yourself to manifest more positivity in your life.

And now your turn. What methods of control do you use to help keep stress at bay? Please share…I want to hear from you!

With love & gratitude –



It’s time for our fourth Pay it Forward Fertility Summer Challenge. Please join us in this final push to pay fertility forward and we will pay it forward to you!

Here’s how it works:


This spring I received a touching and inspirational story from a woman named Ashley. Ashley and her fiancé had been trying to conceive for 2 years. They suffered through an early miscarriage and then became pregnant again in the fall of last year. After their initial loss, Ashley was wrought with worry and fear throughout her first trimester and at week 16, the couple was given heartbreaking news – their seemingly healthy son was diagnosed with Trisomy 13, a fatal genetic disorder. His heart and brain were not able to keep up with the growing demands of his body and he passed a week later. Ashley was induced and able to hold her baby boy Noah to say goodbye.

Ashley was consumed by grief after the devastating loss of her son. Trying to conceive again was the only way that she felt she could move forward. Ashley discovered the Circle+Bloom website and was inspired by the testimonials of women who became pregnant and gave birth to healthy babies, even after traumatic experiences like hers. She stretched her household budget and purchased our programs with the hope that someday, she too would have one of those success stories to share.

Ashley is now in her second trimester of pregnancy and attributes her newfound calm, confidence, and happiness to the support provided by Circle+Bloom’s programs. In her message to me, Ashley said, “I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you designing these programs and making them available to women on so many different paths in their journey to conceive. I truly think your fertility programs are the secret to reviving the hope of women who have been beat down by the negative test month after month.”

Ashley’s story struck me at the core. I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for our ability to support and nurture women like Ashley along their sometimes-harrowing fertility journeys – but I also felt that I could do more. Ashley inspired me to start “paying it forward” by personally donating $50 to Make a Wish Foundation each time we receive a message like hers. By making these donations, I hope to inspire others to spread joy and gratitude by giving back in whatever ways they can.

Dates: August 26 – September 9

How YOU Pay it Forward:

Here are the ways you can CELEBRATE BREAKTHROUGHS:

  1. Share your breakthrough story with Joanne and the community via social or email. Share how you made a significant change to your outlook on how you think about your family journey or how you experienced success as a result of that shift in perspective. Share on Facebook or Twitter, or email me personally at joanne@circlebloom.com if you prefer to share your experience anonymously.
  2. We’ll share “Breakthrough” inspirations for you to pass on. Circle+Bloom will be sharing special “Breakthrough” devotions with you over the next few weeks via our social channels. Share a devotion that resonates with you to help inspire others.

How WE Pay it Forward:

For every ‘good news’ message shared, I will donate $50 to the Make a Wish Foundation. All those who share their breakthrough story through Twitter, Facebook,
or email are entered to win our entire line of downloads FREE. Please be sure to tag anything you share on social – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – with #payfertilityforward so we can track your participation!

Every person who pays it forward is eligible to win!

That’s not all.

If we reach 300 total pay it forward actions throughout the course of the campaign, we’ll continue to Pay it Forward and share a special 20% off discount with all our fans and customers.

We are already over halfway to reaching our goal, so please share your breakthrough and success stories to help us make it to 300 pay it forward actions!

With love + gratitude –


I Need a WHAT??? Life, Work and Babies after 40

by mroth August 19, 2014

Guest Blog by Jessica Rutzick, Founder of Premium Egg Donation, Inc. When I was unceremoniously dumped by my long-term boyfriend at the age of thirty-five, I had to find a way out of my heartbreak. Yes, I was upset about losing the guy, but I was altogether heartbroken about losing the chance to have a [...]

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Pay It Forward Fertility Summer – Challenge Three

by mroth August 8, 2014

August is here and it’s time to issue a new call to action for our Pay It Forward Fertility Summer Challenge. Please continue to help us pay fertility forward by joining in our third challenge and we’ll pay it forward to you! Here’s how it works: Challenge #3: GROWING THE CIRCLE Your outpouring of support [...]

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Circle+Bloom’s Favorite Summer Reading Blog Posts

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Summer is in full swing here in North Carolina! The sun is shining and everywhere I look, the world is in full bloom. There are so many wonderful things to see and do during the summer months, but one of my favorite warm weather pastimes has always been finding a quiet spot in the shade [...]

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Pay It Forward Fertility Summer – Challenge Two

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The Pay It Forward Fertility Summer is under way! Help us pay fertility forward by joining in the second challenge and we’ll pay it forward to you. Here’s how it works: Challenge #2: REFER & REVIEW Building a supportive community surrounding the fertility journey is of utmost importance to us. In order to strengthen our [...]

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Through the Heart

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Guest blog post by Karen Kelly of Through the Heart. My name is Dr. Karen Kelly and in February 2013, my husband and I lost our daughter at 20 weeks. It was a devastating experience and we quickly learned of the lack of resources available to those who have suffered pregnancy loss. We believe everyone [...]

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Pay It Forward Fertility Summer – Challenge One

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The Pay It Forward Fertility Summer starts today! Help us pay fertility forward by joining in the first challenge and we’ll pay it forward to you. Here’s how it works: Challenge #1: SHARE We believe there is great power in sharing in the journey to fertility. We don’t conceive alone or parent alone – or [...]

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Pay it Forward Fertility Summer Challenge

by mroth July 1, 2014

Circle and Bloom began from a very personal place. Having experienced my own struggles with fertility, I set out to help others conceive and in a way, I started a circle. Over time, that circle grew. Our community grew. The web of support grew. And the fertility rates grew. The number of successful births grew. [...]

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Let’s Get Leafy – Six Delicious Ways to Add Folate to Your Days

by mroth June 26, 2014

Leafy greens and dark green vegetables are an excellent source of folate (or folic acid), an essential B vitamin that supports healthy pregnancy in a number of ways. During the beginning stages of pregnancy, folate supports fetal brain development by preventing neural tube defects that can cause spina bifida and anencephaly. Folate also contributes to [...]

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Bankrolling Fertility Treatment: No Sucker Punches Allowed

by mroth June 24, 2014

Guest Blog by Rosanne Austin, founder of Maybe to Baby. Join Rosanne Austin for a special free webinar on July 2 called Paying For Fertility Treatment: Sucker Punch Proof Your Plan. Learn 3 Key Steps for creating a fertility treatment financial plan that can help eliminate freak-outs, sucker punches, and silly spending. Read on for [...]

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Trying to Conceive After Age 40

by mroth June 11, 2014

I hear from a number of women who are over 40 and wondering if our programs can help them to achieve their dream of having a baby. In fact, we recently received a call on our customer service line from a kind woman who inquired about our pregnancy program. After answering her questions about it [...]

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Fertility Revolution: Hope, Inspiration, Strength, and Fertility Resources

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Guest Blog by Julie Chang, founder and host of Fertility Revolution. Have you heard about the new Fertility Revolution? The podcast will feature many respected fertility doctors, complementary fertility practitioners, attorneys, infertility advocates, published authors, health & wellness experts, and more…including yours truly! About Julie Chang and Fertility Revolution: Hi, I’m Julie Chang, founder and [...]

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Finding Your Thing During IVF Treatment

by mroth May 14, 2014

Guest Blog by Stephanie Fry, author/blogger of The IVF Journal book. Anyone who is battling infertility and undergoing IVF treatment knows that there are loads of options when it comes to selecting complementary treatments and therapies. There are diets, exercises, mind body options, acupuncture, acupressure, massage, yoga, herbal remedies and so much more. With all [...]

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Finding Time to Meditate: Keeping Yourself Healthy

by mroth May 6, 2014

Guest Blog by Ken Myers. Although nutrition is a vital component to keeping yourself healthy, relaxing your body through meditation could be almost as important. The mind can do a great deal for your physical form, and practicing methods of meditation can make an impact in ways you never thought before. What’s more, you don’t [...]

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A Thank You Special Coupon for Your Awesome Participation

by mroth May 1, 2014

Please join me in congratulating Celeste G., the winner of our 30 Days of Fertility campaign! She’ll receive our entire product line of downloads for participating and helping to support all women on the fertility journey. I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to every single one of you who participated. It was an amazing [...]

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How and Why to Build a Support Network during Infertility Treatment

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Guest Blog by Stephanie Fry, author of The IVF Journal book. Back in 2009, I was lucky enough to help the folks at Circle + Bloom as they developed their IVF/IUI Mind-Body Program by giving them a patients perspective on an IVF cycle. Since then their product has helped thousands of women and I hope [...]

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You Will NEVER Outrun the Darkness

by mroth April 23, 2014

Guest Blog by Suzanne Hanna, a Licensed Psychotherapist, Holistic Health Practitioner, Spiritual Coach, Writer, and Inspirational Speaker. It can happen in a moment, usually after a life-changing realization or event. Everything goes dark. The air in your body gets sucked from your lungs. A lead ball crashes into your core, leaving you weak. Your throat [...]

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Rebecca Fett’s “It Starts With The Egg”

by mroth April 21, 2014

I’ve found another book to add to my list of recommended reading related to fertility! Rebecca Fett’s It Starts With The Egg is an important read, and one I am happy to see getting such positive feedback. Circle+Bloom is grounded in science. The development of our mind-body programs was done in collaboration with the professional [...]

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Dealing With Pregnancy Hormones

by mroth April 13, 2014

Guest Blog by Cheretta A Clerkley, a strategic marketing health care professional for Hormone Health Network. She has worked for over 10 years in direct patient education focusing on hormone health. Being pregnant affects a lot more than your body. The outward signs of expecting a baby become more apparent over time, but the emotional [...]

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Circle+Bloom Around the World!

by mroth April 7, 2014

Hello! My name is Meagan. Some of you may already know me if you are a Circle+Bloom partner since I help work with our wonderful affiliates and partners. If not–hi! It’s nice to ‘meet’ you I also do some of the blog writing here. I’m going to take advantage of that and use this post [...]

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30 Days of Fertility – Share the Journey with Us

by mroth April 1, 2014

This April, in honor of National Infertility Awareness Week, we’re launching a “30 Days of Fertility” campaign to support all women embarking on the fertility journey and we hope you’ll join us! We’ve always believed in the power of mind + body awareness as it pertains to fertility. Our programs help explore the connection between [...]

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Pump Some Iron Into Your Diet to Help Promote Fertility

by mroth March 25, 2014

I have to apologize right off the bat to those of you who may still have snow on the ground, but spring seems to have sprung in North Carolina and I could not be more happy! Whenever the seasons change I get excited to spend some time in my kitchen. New ingredients that arrive with [...]

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Can Yoga Increase Fertility?

by mroth March 24, 2014

Guest blog by Sandra Mills. Fertility struggles can feel like you’re stuck on a hamster wheel in a cage you did not choose. Couples undergoing fertility treatments suddenly feel like they no longer have control of the most intimate parts of their bodies and their relationship, and it is stressful. That stress adversely affects fertility, [...]

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Three New Medical Findings on PCOS and How they May Impact Your Ability to Conceive

by mroth March 19, 2014

1. In vitro maturation (IVM) With traditional IVF, patients typically inject themselves with hormone medications for eight to 10 days to stimulate the ovaries into producing multiple eggs for fertilization. But hormone injections aren’t always the best choice for PCOS patients because they have an increased risk for ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) – a condition [...]

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Why Become an Egg Donor?

by mroth March 14, 2014

Guest Blog by Natalie on behalf of The London Egg Bank. Becoming an egg donor is an altruistic affair. Many women choose to become egg donors so that they can give the gift of parenthood to those couples who have embarked upon the difficult and emotional journey of trying to conceive. Some women may have [...]

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4 Ways to Restore Your Energy

by mroth March 12, 2014

Yesterday afternoon I found myself becoming really sluggish. In fact, while driving home I got so sleepy that I needed to pull over and rest my eyes a bit. A bit embarrassing to have to admit that! It got me thinking about energy and how we all struggle with maintaining our energy levels throughout the [...]

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3 Books About Infertility Support We Love

by mroth March 4, 2014

We’ve been doing a lot of reading while we wait for warm weather to arrive and wanted to share some recommendations for books that are wonderful resources for dealing with infertility. There are plenty of good ones out there, so be sure to check our ‘books we love‘ page for more recommendations, as well as [...]

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5 Stages to Starting the Month off with a Positive Attitude after a BFN (Big Fat Negative)

by mroth February 28, 2014

How are you doing? Be honest, you can tell me if you’re feeling like crap. I won’t judge! In fact, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to deal with the really crumby emotions that surround that time of the month where you have a BFN (Big Fat Negative). Not an easy time. Thinking [...]

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The I Stands Alone

by mroth February 24, 2014

Guest Blog by Lindsay Agne, founder of Full Circle. There has been alot of talk about VULNERABILITY lately. Brene Brown and her TED talk brought a spot light to that word and it spread like wildfire. SHAME is another biggie. Why is there such a stigma around infertility? IS it that despite the numbers showing [...]

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Fitness – The Key to Conception

by mroth February 17, 2014

Contributed by freelance writer. While some women can conceive without any problems, others are not so lucky. Those in the latter group can attest to the frustration and disappointment associated with trying different procedures to no avail. Not surprisingly, the stress of being unable to conceive often worsens the situation. Female hormone imbalance Doctors have [...]

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Stories to Brighten Your Day

by mroth February 13, 2014

Well another snow storm is suppose to hit Charlotte this week, but that’s not putting a damper on my day. Why? Because of these two wonderful success stories I received recently. I wanted to share them with you because they filled me with hope and joy when I read them. We all need a little [...]

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What Exactly is a Fertility Coach?

by mroth February 6, 2014

Guest blog by Smita Parikh, MD, founder of The Fertility Advisor. Just two years ago, I sat in a corner at my nephew’s first birthday party with a fake smile plastered on my face as kids buzzed by me and a sing along was taking place. What should have been a fun and happy occasion [...]

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3 Exercises to Relieve Back Pain During Pregnancy

by mroth February 4, 2014

Guest Blog by Melissa Hubbard. As your beloved baby bump grows, you’re getting closer and closer to the arrival of your dear little one. As your baby grows, however, so do back aches and pain in the pelvic area, joints and ligaments. No matter what kind of shape you’re in, the excess weight of pregnancy [...]

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Dealing With The Unexpected

by mroth January 31, 2014

Whoa is it cold here! Don’t I live in the south? Certainly doesn’t feel like it…but I suppose comparatively to some parts of the country, it’s downright balmy here. We actually got some a bit of snow in North Carolina, which is on its third day of staying on the ground. So bizarre! Of course, [...]

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“The Big Lie” Book by Tanya Selvaratnam

by mroth January 27, 2014

Guest Blog by Tanya Selvaratnam, author of ‘The Big Lie’. I got the idea for The Big Lie after my third miscarriage at the age of 40 in fall 2011. I wrote the book that I wished I could have read then. In the book, I explore many Big Lies. The Big Lie is that [...]

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Healthy Eating Does More for Infertility than You May Realize

by mroth January 21, 2014

Guest Blog by Nancy Parker. When it comes to command of your body, your diet plays a very important role. The adage, “You are what you eat” is true in every sense of the statement. Everything you put into your body is used in order to be as healthy or as unfit as you want. [...]

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Healing Of The Heart

by mroth January 14, 2014

“All healing is first a healing of the heart.” – Carl Townsend I hope all is well and your new year is off to a great start! Do you have anything you want to share with me? Any questions, concerns, or stories? Please do email me and let me know. This time of year always [...]

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Physical Changes That May Happen During Infertility Treatment

by mroth January 6, 2014

Guest Blog by Sharon on behalf of Hadassah Medical Center, visit them for more information on IVF treatment in Israel and physical changes during pregnancy. When Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel stated that, “We must not see any person as an abstraction. Instead, we must see in every person a universe with its own [...]

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Declutter Your Life, Declutter Your Mind

by mroth January 1, 2014

One of my New Years resolutions is to declutter. If you’re anything like me, your in constant battle with clutter. Seriously, where does all that stuff come from?? If you need help figuring out how to win the clutter battle, I recommend checking out Zen Habit’s 15 Great Decluttering Tips. But here’s something you may [...]

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3 Tips to Get Through Your First IVF Experience

by mroth December 29, 2013

Guest Blog by Michelle Ramone, a write-from-home blogger and mother of three from New England. Relax! You can do this. Millions of women before you have received in-vitro fertilization (IVF) to conceive their children. Sure, there are going to be some things that are new to you and a bit scary. You’ll be getting pregnant [...]

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Perfect for You

by mroth December 23, 2013

Guest Blog by Elizabeth Reed, a freelance writer and a resident blogger at Liveinnanny.org. One thing I have struggled with throughout my life is the idea of being perfect. I always tried to do everything perfectly, be everything to everyone, and just have a perfect life. Unfortunately, many things in my life did not cooperate [...]

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Spread The Love And Earn Money!

by mroth December 16, 2013

I have heard from so many of you about how Circle + Bloom has had a positive impact on your life and how you look forward to listening to our programs. I can not tell you how much these words of encouragement mean to me! I sincerely thank you for this. We at Circle + [...]

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Mini Christmas Trees, Laughter and Saving Our Sanity

by mroth December 13, 2013

What is it about this time of year that brings out the best and the worst in us? For me, the best has been sharing the undeniable sense of Christmas cheer and spirit, decorating the house, getting the tree, moving “Buddy” every night (our Elf on the Shelf), etc. The worst in me is this [...]

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