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The Fertility Diet: Research Illustrates Effects Of Diet And Other Natural Factors On Ovulation And Fertility

by mroth January 14, 2013

All of us here at Circle + Bloom have developed a greater interest in the dietary side of infertility. What we put into our body has a huge influence on our health and well-being, including fertility. In the upcoming months we plan to offer more blogs and recipes that focus on nutrition and fertility. To […]

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5 Ways to Make Sure Your Resolutions Stick in 2013

by mroth January 6, 2013

From Joanne My daughter needed to write a funny haiku tonight for her homework assignment so I helped her out. Given that resolutions are top of mind right now, and everyone is in full gear to institute big change in their lives, we thought of a funny anecdote to make reference to the fact that […]

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7 New Years Resolutions to Improve Your Fertility and Health

by mroth December 31, 2012

It’s that time of year again – New Years resolution time. Use your New Years resolution to focus on improving a few key elements that affect your well being! It doesn’t take much, just focus on making a few simple changes and you can boost your health and fertility. 1. Quit smoking – Smoking negatively […]

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Samantha’s Success Story: Pregnant After Being Diagnosed With Endometriosis

by mroth December 24, 2012

Samantha shares with us her exciting news. After being diagnosed with endometriosis with laproscopic surgery scheduled for December 20th, Samantha decided to listen to our Natural Cycle program in October and November. She found out in early December that she conceived and is now 5 weeks pregnant. Congratulations to Samantha! We are so thrilled to […]

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Cosmetic Surgery and Fertility: How it can Impact You

by mroth December 17, 2012

It’s not uncommon for women to undergo plastic surgery after giving birth, but did you ever think about what effects plastic surgery could have on your fertility before having a baby? Guest blogger Shoshana Davis, contributor to let’s us know about some of the most popular procedures and what effects they can have on […]

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How to Be Mindful During the Holidays in 350 Words

by mroth December 9, 2012

This post will help not just those who have the added stress of infertility, but for every one who wishes to not get too caught up in the enormous amount of busyness that has come to define the holiday season. Not only do you have the stress of shopping and finding that perfect gift, but […]

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6 Tips for Surviving the Two-Week Wait

by mroth December 3, 2012

‘Did I get pregnant this month?’ ‘Will this be the month when my period is late?’ “Will the pregnancy test finally be positive?” If you have endured the two-week wait, guaranteed these questions have crossed your mind more than you would care to admit. The two-week wait, which is the time between ovulation and your […]

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Happy Holidays from Circle + Bloom!

by mroth November 23, 2012

We are thrilled to announce that once again we will be running a 35% discount on all of our doctor recommended mind+body audio CDs and Mp3 programs for the holidays! The programs make great gifts for women who lead or want to lead a healthy life or who are trying to conceive. The discount also […]

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Book Review of 999 Reasons to Laugh at Infertility

by mroth November 12, 2012

One of our favorite infertility bloggers, Naomi from 999 Reasons to Laugh at Infertility, has turned her hit blog into a book! The ‘Best of 999 Reasons to Laugh at Infertility‘ is now available on Amazon, and it includes an introduction by the hilarious Naomi herself, her tips on how to conceive (without going insane), […]

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Introducing 3 NEW Titles on CD Format

by mroth November 5, 2012

Now our Frozen Embryo Transfer Program, Egg+Embryo Donation Program for the Hopeful Parent, and Egg Donation Program for the Donor are available on CD. Our FET program is a 11 session audio regimen that will guide you specifically through each stage of the FET procedure – from the first part of the regimen when you […]

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Announcing The Fertility Planit Show!

by mroth October 29, 2012

We wanted to share with you some exciting news! Introducing, Fertility Planit! Fertility Planit is for helping people explore all options for having children and creating a family, and for all services that support them. It’s in essence a social marketplace that serves as a global meeting place for exchanging views and reviews, purchasing goods […]

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999 Reasons to Laugh at Infertility

by mroth October 22, 2012

This special guest post is from one our fav infertility bloggers – Naomi from 999 Reasons to Laugh at Infertility. One of our earliest blog supporters, we heart Naomi and think she is one of the wittiest writers who doesn’t fear to cross the line. Respect! In the infertility world, I like to think my […]

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Free 6 Month Membership from My Hopeful Journey

by mroth October 15, 2012

We are so excited to announce our new partnership with My Hopeful Journey!!! We will now include a free 6 month membership to My Hopeful Journey with any purchase of our programs. My Hopeful Journey is a web-based calendar, task list and journal for women that are trying to conceive. It is customized for infertility […]

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You asked, we answer! The top 8 Q&As about Circle + Bloom

by mroth October 10, 2012

Hello! We wanted to take the opportunity to share some of our most commonly asked questions about Circle + Bloom with you. For more questions and answers, check out our FAQs page at or email any of us with specific questions. We hope that this will give you a clearer understanding of how our […]

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Award winning infertility advocate, Keiko has lots to say about our programs

by mroth October 1, 2012

Keiko Zoll from The Infertility Voice reviewed our Egg+Embryo Donation Program for the Hopeful Parent. Keiko Zoll is a leading infertility and women’s health writer. Writing since 2009, she has chronicled her personal journey with infertility as she and her husband seek to build their family through assisted reproductive technology. What started as an anonymous […]

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Recognizing the Man’s Emotional Struggle with Infertility

by mroth September 24, 2012

Infertility is an emotional journey, no matter who you are. But often we forget to focus on the emotional struggle men face when dealing with infertility. Sometimes this struggle is not as apparent, since male counterparts in infertile couples often try to remain strong and optimistic for their partner. In addition, women sometimes take much […]

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The 13 Key Questions to Ask Your Reproductive Endocrinologist

by mroth September 10, 2012

You know that saying “Knowledge is power”? Well turns out it’s actually true. The more you know the less nervous you’ll be when dealing with a new situation, and you will have greater control over what happens. Fertility treatment certainly presents many overwhelming, confusing, and intimidating situations to overcome. For example, when you meet your […]

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Birth Control’s Affect on Fertility

by mroth September 4, 2012

Can your choice of birth control impact your fertility in the future? When it comes to figuring out what effect your birth control has on your fertility, you have to wade through a lot of myth and misinformation. All of the contradictory responses about how contraceptives such as the Pill, the IUD (intrauterine device), and […]

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Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)

by mroth August 27, 2012

Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) – sounds like a crazy science experiment, doesn’t it? But for those dealing with infertility, FET can be a very real, very promising way of having a child. So what exactly is FET? Well, the description kind of sounds like a bit complicated, but the concept is relatively simple. When a […]

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The Affordable Care Act – What It Means For Infertility Health Care

by mroth August 20, 2012

Recently, the United States Supreme Court ruled that the Affordable Care Act is constitutional. While reactions to this news varied, many people celebrated the decision with a smile on their face. But what does this mean for infertility health care? Should you be celebrating too? The answer is, maybe. The biggest impact the affordable health […]

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The mind body connection and fertility

by mroth August 15, 2012

Guest Blog by Lenore Pranzo, a CT Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and co-founder of Fertility Wellness Group, LLC. Fertility Wellness Group, LLC offers on-line fertility enhancing workshops and private coaching sessions that will help empower women to write about their own fertility struggles, which will lead to positive endings. You can learn more about […]

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Finally Seeing Infertility as a Journey

by mroth August 13, 2012

Guest post by Amanda L. Johnson, a nutrition and wellness coach specializing in natural fertility guidance and enhancement, as well as supporting the health and wellness of clients during the process of advanced fertility treatment. At the fairly young age of 26 I started my journey trying to conceive knowing that I had polycystic ovarian […]

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Become Empowered! How to Communicate with your Legislator to Achieve Fertility Health Care and Family Building Legislation

by mroth August 10, 2012

During my time working for a state senator, I was continually amazed by how personal letters, emails, and calls from constituents made such an impact on the office. For some reason, I had assumed that someone in such a position of power would be unable to actually take the time to listen to or care […]

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Speak Up! How to Receive the Infertility Coverage You Need From your Employer

by mroth July 31, 2012

It’s unlikely that you considered a company’s fertility benefits when you chose your job. Especially when you think about the economy, choosing a job while keeping in mind its implications for your fertility needs is implausible. Or maybe you already knew about your infertility treatment plan when considering a company, but don’t know what questions […]

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How to Beat the Big Bad Insurance Company to Get the Infertility Treatments You Need and Deserve

by mroth July 26, 2012

Insurance. I bet half of you just tensed up, and the other half’s eyes have already started glazing over. Hang in there, this is important! If you can get past your initial apprehension about having to deal with the often bureaucratic nightmare that is insurance coverage, you are in a position to really help yourself […]

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Pregnancy Recipes: Food & Drinks To Nurture Your Up

by mroth July 20, 2012

Guest Blog by Marc Shelton. Marc Shelton is a health and wellness expert and uses his knowledge of the field to freelance for articles and blogs. He hates treadmills. Making healthy lifestyle choices come alive is always beneficial for the mind and body, and more so when a new life is developing inside you. Your […]

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Communicating with Physician

by mroth July 18, 2012

When facing infertility, one of the first areas where you will need to practice self advocacy and strong communication is when you start meeting with a fertility specialist. Establishing these practices right from the start will set you up for success. Visiting a fertility specialist can be overwhelming and difficult, especially when you are faced […]

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Communication Series Intro: Self-Advocacy – Fertility Within Reach

by mroth July 11, 2012

While navigating the windy (and usually rocky) path of infertility, we expect to face challenges. Physical challenges to our bodies, challenges to our mental well-being, and even financial difficulties. It can be surprising, however, to realize that one of the biggest challenges infertility entails is having to become self-advocates. Whether it’s dealing with a doctor, […]

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The Benefits of Moontime Tea’s Fertility Tea

by mroth June 25, 2012

Guest Blog by Kathryn Simmons Flynn, Author of Cooking for Fertility: Foods to Nourish Your Fertile Soul During my nutrition consults, I do my best to focus on all of the delicious foods and drinks those wanting to conceive can enjoy, rather than zoning in on what they should avoid. Finding a good replacement for […]

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Best Diets for Fertility-The top 13 “super” foods-Part 2

by mroth June 25, 2012

This is a two part series about foods that boost fertility in females and males. In part 2 we look at foods that apply most specifically to male fertility (although many of the foods that made our list are beneficial for everyone!) Top 6 Super Foods to Improve Male Fertility Pumpkin Seeds: Pumpkin seeds are […]

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Best Foods For Fertility – The Top 13 “Super” Foods – Part 1

by mroth June 18, 2012

This is a two part series about foods that boost fertility in females and males. In part 1 we look at foods that apply most specifically to female fertility (although many of the foods that made our list are beneficial for everyone!) There are actions we can take right at home that can aid fertility, […]

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How my mother’s infertility, and my own fertility issues inspired me to create Kindara

by mroth June 11, 2012

Guest blog by Katherine Bicknell, Co-Founder of Kindara, simple and elegant fertility charting for iPhone and iPod Touch. My mom was one of the many women rendered infertile by the Dalkon Shield in the 1970’s. Her heartbreaking struggle, and eventual triumph over her infertility left an indelible mark on my family, and is the inspiration […]

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A couple’s story struggling with infertility

by mroth May 22, 2012

Guest Blog by Courtney, who writes our Pathway to Parenthood blog My name is Courtney. My husband and I married on June 13, 2009. We met by chance at the lake in 2007, were engaged in 2008, and married exactly one year later. When we vowed, “in sickness and in health,” we did not expect […]

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Why write about your fertility story

by mroth May 10, 2012

Guest Blog by Diana Palmentiero and Lenore Pranzo, co-founders of Fertility Wellness Group. Their on-line fertility enhancing workshops help empower women to write about their own fertility struggles which will eventually lead to positive endings. Why write about your fertility story Recently Fertility Wellness Group had an epiphany. We decided to change the format from […]

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Circle + Bloom Launch of Frozen Embryo Transfer Program

by mroth May 7, 2012

Circle + Bloom just released their NEW Frozen Embryo Transfer Program and they are offering a special launch 35% discount. Enter code FET35 at checkout. Is the next step in your fertility journey a FET or Frozen Embryo Transfer? Then this is the right program for you.  An eleven session audio journey that will guide […]

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National Infertility Awareness Week April 22 – 28

by mroth April 18, 2012

National Infertility Awareness Week® is April 22 – 28, 2012. The goal of NIAW is to raise awareness about the disease of infertility and encourage the public to understand their reproductive health. Be part of the infertility movement! Anyway you can raise awareness will help increase public understanding about the disease of infertility. We urge […]

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An Active Role In Fertility

by mroth April 11, 2012

Guest Blog by Element Natural Healing Arts, a wellness center specializing in a variety of holistic therapies including: Acupuncture, herbology, massage, reflexology, lymphatic drainage, Thai bodywork, rolfing, chiropractic, European & Ayurvedic facials and skincare, nutrition, ear candling, reiki, Alexander technique, craniosacral, yoga, meditation, personal training, pilates mat, Tai Chi and martial arts. A new specialty […]

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Why Age Matters – Eggsurance

by mroth April 10, 2012

Guest Blog by Brigitte Adams, Founder of Eggsurance, everything egg freezing, the only non clinic-related egg freezing (oocyte cryopreservation) education & community site. I always imagined that I would be a mom someday. Over the years, I accumulated a library of children’s books ranging from Dr. Seuss to Goodnight Moon. My first communion dress is […]

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My Fertile Food iTunes App by Bridge To Baby

by mroth April 4, 2012

Guest Blog by Marni, the creator of Bridge To Baby, an online support community and social media website for people trying to grow their families and those who want to help. I have spent years working at building a family and I know many aspects of the TTC journey. I know first hand that a […]

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The big 40 – is it all down hill from here?

by mroth April 3, 2012

Different decades of our lives bring different life experiences. During our first ten years we’re normally the focus of other people’s care and attention, our minds and our bodies are developing; then as we move into our second decade as teenagers, we are faced with the hurly-burly of school life, puppy love and seesawing hormones. […]

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Getting Pregnant as an Independent Contractor

by mroth March 22, 2012

Guest Blog by Eat Breathe Blog. Your one-stop-shop for everything health and wellness. A blog where you share your experiences, and provide honest stories and feedback on health and wellness products you have tried. Getting Pregnant as an Independent Contractor One of the reasons many women decide to stop working a traditional nine-to-five job and […]

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Regain Your Fertility Through Acupuncture

by mroth March 12, 2012

You must have heard about acupuncture before. This is the procedure through which a professional sticks needles into your skin at well defined points. There are a lot of problems, like infertility, for which women could use the procedure. Can you use the procedure in your 20’s or 30’s? If you belong to this age […]

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Fundraising Event for Resolve of New England

by mroth March 5, 2012

We are very excited to run a fundraising event with Resolve New England for the month of March. Use the discount code RNE15 and get 15% off our mind-body programs. 20% of the sales are going to be donated to Resolve of New England. Since 1974, RESOLVE New England has been the leading voice and […]

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Male Reproductive Health

by mroth February 29, 2012

Ken Mosesian is Executive Director of The American Fertility Association. The American Fertility Association (The AFA), a 501 (c) (3) national non-profit organization, is a lifetime resource for infertility prevention, reproductive health and family building. AFA services and materials are provided free of charge to consumers and are available to everyone without reservation. These services […]

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Support Resolve New England while dining out

by mroth February 6, 2012

Support Resolve New England while dining out at Not Your Average Joe’s Creative Casual Cuisine in Watertown, MA Print this NYA Cause Certificate Feb2012 and hand it to your server while dining out a Not Your Average Joe’s Creative Casual Cuisine (Watertown, MA) and Resolve New England will receive 15% OFF your total purchase (excluding […]

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Why can’t anyone get pregnant?

by mroth February 2, 2012

Share your insights on women’s health issues, whether it is general health, infertility, PCOS or any other topic that is specific to women’s health and you will have a chance to win a $150 American Express gift card! Click here to learn more! Leslie Goldman, a Women’s health writer and body image expert shares her […]

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PCOS Doesn’t Need to End in Heart Ache

by mroth January 26, 2012

Share your insights on women’s health issues, whether it is general health, infertility, PCOS or any other topic that is specific to women’s health and you will have a chance to win a $150 American Express gift card! Click here to learn more! Sandra, a uterine cancer survivor due to PCOS shares her Insights on […]

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Facts and Myths About Your Health in Your 30s

by mroth January 26, 2012

Busting Myths About Women’s Health There are many myths about women’s health, some of them so pervasive that even doctors believe them. Knowing what’s true and what’s not can help you identify if any changes in your health deserve some extra attention from your doctor, or if what you’re experiencing is one of these common […]

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Rebekah’s Insights on Women’s Health Blog Contest

by mroth January 25, 2012

Share your insights on women’s health issues, whether it is general health, infertility, PCOS or any other topic that is specific to women’s health and you will have a chance to win a $150 American Express gift card! Click here to learn more! Here are Rebekah’s Insights “What a Woman Needs to Know”. She writes […]

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What You Should Be Doing in Your Twenties To Help You to Get Pregnant in Your Thirties

by mroth January 23, 2012

If you are a woman in your 20s, planning for pregnancy might be the last thing on your mind, but we encourage you to take time now and understand steps you can take now to help reduce potential issues of getting pregnant when you are ready. Did you know 1 out of 8 couples struggle […]

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