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Impressive Endorsements.

Bernie Siegel, M.D.
“I am happy to endorse the Circle + Bloom™ programs. Guided visualization and mind/body programs can be very powerful when applied to health issues and general wellness, such as fertility and general health during pregnancy.”

Dr. Robert Kiltz, CNY Fertility
“Not only do I recommend Circle+Bloom’s program to my patients, I even sell and represent their programs in my offices and webstore.”

Dr. Dehan Chen, Valley Fertility
“I am happy to see mind-body science and innovative stress reduction exercises have been tailored for the fertility community. I am excited to incorporate Circle + Bloom’s programs in our practice.”

Dr. Edward Ramirez, Monterey Bay IVF
“I have seen so many positive comments regarding the Circle + Bloom programs that I have no doubt it is quite helpful in creating the right “frame of mind” for success in ART.”

Mike Berkley, Berkley Center for Reproductive Wellness
“I highly recommend the Circle + Bloom programs to complement acupuncture for fertility – in fact, we offer our patients the ability to listen while being treated in our offices. It extends the acupuncture benefits every single day.”


What Women Like You Are Saying.

“Those of us struggling with fertility endlessly search for a resource like Circle + Bloom. I am a big fan.”

“I believe with every fiber of my being that Circle + Bloom is one of the reasons we can finally say we are expecting.”

“While I was trying to get pregnant, Circle + Bloom became my favorite part of the day.”

“I really do think that Circle + Bloom was one of the things I did to help me get pregnant.”

“After listening to Circle + Bloom, I feel refreshed and thankful that I have devoted time to this part of my life, which is my first priority.”

“I start each day with Circle + Bloom which helps me manage stress throughout the day.”


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